Saturday, January 10, 2015


I have been busy gathering files dealing with family court matters for the  next filing . I have learned through the years I have to double check everything that is sent to either me or my daughter.
The under- mindedness is simply unreal !  Seems Mr Military Person files... files and files  to make the record voluminous so everyone is confused .Not only does he get the aid of the military legal team to help him , he uses military fax lines to send his filing directly to judges and his USPS shipping labels are priced for commercial base rate which, I can only assume that is a perk of the military because I am pretty sure you cant live on base and run a business from your base home . 
Upon having to double check what has been filed I also have to check the affidavits of service plus the delivery conformation numbers . 
Of course right after the military police checked on my grand child  a email was sent to my daughter the email came to my daughter from Mr Military person's email address but a while back the Woman in Question wrote  to my daughter using Mr Military Person's email address after she had been ease dropping in on my daughter conversation and didn't like the fact that my daughter asked my grand child if she went to school with her brother . So,  in the email she gave my daughter hell for asking about her kids  which was just conversation that's all ! But then again we were told that the Woman in Questions sons were not potty trained so last year one of them was not able to go to school until he was trained   One can only be assume that by the reaction of the Woman in Question to get that heated and have to write a nasty gram to my daughter under Mr Military Persons email address there must be something not quite right . 
So anyway in the email  sent after the police made their check on my grand child which was rightfully so since my daughter has not has not been able to speak to my grand child in quite a while ,  attached  to the email  was a copy  of a calendar notice in NC  which, was made out in the hand writing of the Woman in Question requesting a motion that was filed back in October to be put on the court calender in February  Another one of those dare you now I am going to cut you off filings  . However, as whoever is doing the filing never plays by the rules  especially seeing that once a case is assigned to a certain judge it has to stay with that judge .  Like I said whoever cause I don't know who is doing the filing has done it before and whoever that is  knows  exactly what judge is assigned but for some reason once again  the calendar notice is  written in to be  assigned to another judges calender . Seeing that the calendar notice was hand written and there is no date stamp  a call was place down to NC  to verify the so called filing .Low and behold there is no filing . Either one of two things either it hasn't been filed or it was rejected .
So as fine tooth as I am a few months back I had discovered that a NC  family court filing was among another filing for a  New York  Supreme Court  which, just happen to have a affidavit of service attached . However ,no one ever take the time verify the affidavits of service but I do !  It seems the same tracking number was used in both affidavits for both states  . Slick right ? Two in one so what delivery conformation is for what item . Wow ! But get this, what they do is they send what ever nasty filing they are filing which often asks for sanctions or incarceration included  in the envelope are both filings for both courts to make it look like it was sent in error but the intention is for the courts to have read so they can form a negative inference . 
Even better is, in family court you have to divulge any medication or medical conditions which fall under HIP PA by law its confidential information but not when it comes to Mr Military person and the Woman in Question . Got any kind of disability and the world will know about it as well as the medicine you take ! 
Of course for whatever reason I am usually included in Mr Military Persons  filings , I think because of his lack of attachment to anyone especially his mother  he targets me for the bond I have with my daughter and grand child. But, then again after recent happenings it might be coming from the Woman in Question for her lack of emotional bonds .Anyway ,somewhere down the line  a man I married years ago made contact with Mr Military Person out of vengeance for my non compliance to allow him a meal ticket .  Contact was done to target the closest to me which is my grand child and my daughter .   The contact  makes me their common enemy which is usually a feel good factor to have common enemy  ! Basically its a form of bulling at another level So, it  must be the man I was married shared some confidential files from a  Human Rights case I had that was sealed by the State of New York so that the sensitive files could not be viewed by the public  . The attorney generals office had the entire record sealed but Mr Military person seems to think that its OK to file those documents with whatever court he (or they) files in . Its a violation of the sealing order   Nice Right ? But they as in whoever is doing the filing continue to file in  different courts at the same time mind you in two different states so, who is ever going to stop them if acts like this are not brought to the courts attention ?
There is always more to tell ......

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