Sunday, January 18, 2015


I wake every morning to the thought of my precious grand child as I know she is suffering and I pray that someone will do the right thing by her . Unfortunately, the system has made judgement not on what is right for her but has made judgement on their own personal feelings towards her mother's attorney, her grand mother and her mother . 
We have Judges who have gone beyond their duties as a Judge However ,the Committee of Judicial Conduct will back those same Judges no matter how wrong they are because the Committee is a  form of a Dictatorship , having "absolute or supreme power or authority" to do whatever they want not based on law or facts but based on the fact they themselves make judgement on who is making a complaint . So basically I don't believe my complaint will even be given a second thought !
It seems that Judge Frank Revoir Jr of Chenango County who presided over a petition filed in Delaware County Family Court by my daughter back in August took it upon himself to make all kinds of uncalled for, threatening statements on the record before claiming he did not have jurisdiction over the case .Seems there was an order that came out of Albany County Family Court Dated the 2nd of July in which no one had been in receipt of that transferred the family court proceedings to North Carolina  . A complaint was made to The Committee by both the attorney and my daughter  regarding Judge Revoir's outrageous conduct during the hearing.  That didn't stop Revoir from going even further as he must of felt that he was infallible so, another complaint was made against him on the 25th of September .  Now with all the havoc caused by that out of control judge who I guess felt because of the parties involved he can do whatever he wishes without any recourse,he doesn't stop there !
 Now mind you because it was determined that jurisdiction of the family court case was transferred to NC per the Albany County Court Order  .Upon an inquiry to the North Carolina Court when trying to file a petition it was discovered that a Judge in NC had made an order dated the 30th of September claiming jurisdiction of the family court case . Which, coincidental none of the parties were in receipt of  that order just like the July 2nd order out of Albany County . However that NC Judge based her acceptance after having a conversation with a New York Family Court Judge  , guess who ?

Yes Judge Revoir ! Seems Revoir just happened to talk to the NC Judge Ex -Parte on the 25th of September and  that NC Judge  makes up an order which is based  on via a telephone conversation with Judge Revoir   Coincidentally happens to be on the  the same date as the second complaint by the attorney to the Committee. What's even better is Revoir fails to tell the court that there is a scheduled hearing in front of him on Oct  2nd as well as there is a motion pending making it impossible for the NC court to accept jurisdiction  Of course as for the rest of what was said we can read between the lines . Sad part is this is what the people of Chenango County NY elected as a family court judge !
So lets see what the Committee will say about that ? I guess this is all perfectly acceptable  for a NY Judge to go outside of his duties to make contact with a NC judge to tell her other than what is of fact and possibly try to shed some negative light in a outside jurisdiction . I shall wait and see  !

PS  what is told about custody of the child is not of fact . So Revoir doesn't even get that right but the judge writes it down as fact !

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