Saturday, January 3, 2015


OK so there is still no phone contact with my grand child . More psychological abuse for the child because of someone getting caught out there ! 
 After the Agent on base investigating the report of the stolen gift card sent to my grand child got the bright idea he was going to have a chat or a "Pow Wow" with the Military Member  it was reported to him that the person in question was scrapping with my grand child and they must of used the gift card for the material to do the scrapping .  NO GO BUDDY
Remember that the Military Member said he did not receive the gift card and that the mother must of never sent it making the child  believe she was being lied to !  So, how is it now there seems to a different story told to the Agent when being questioned ? Perhaps either the Military Member is playing dumb or he has no idea that a second card was sent with added security so that second card could not be claimed as not being received 
I always say , the reason they call convicts ,convicts is because they CON YOU !
As Abraham Lincoln once said   "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time".
Sooner or later you get caught out there !

Here is a picture of the person in question at the check out line in Walmart using the gift card sent to my grandchild  .

  Please note there is woman and two young children standing near by which according to the investigators those two young children plus an infant is in the cart behind the woman in question entered the store with her and none of the children depict my grand child . So, seeing that its claimed that this woman in question parked in the outer lot so that the security cameras were not able to pick up the license plate of the vehicle in which this woman in questioned parked the vehicle she drove to the store in ,  it's odd that a woman with three young children would park so far away , but I have to ask where is my grand child ? Was the car parked there for intentional reasons ? Wow 

So please also note  the items being bought with the gift card are laundry detergent ,coke
ect .....  I don't know much about scraping but who uses those items for scrapping ? 

More of the Saga to continue  ....!  There are more details to follow . 

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