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The Saga continues in my life  , My poor little precious grand child in captivity by Mr Military Person and the Woman in Question.Sad cause no one even knows how that little- one is suffering ! Everyone was busy making judgement on the attorney who represented my daughter simply because for the most part  whoever she came up against felt threatened by her instead of looking into what was in the best interest of the child! Don't like counsel , don't like the grand mother , don't even know the mother but because you don't like whatever, make judgement that will scar the child for the rest of that child's life all because of how you felt and you claim to be professional !  

 I was brought up Catholic but never really was into the power of pray but I have taken to pray to the Blessed Mother hoping she will help this poor child and all the other craziness that goes along with the Saga.   Of course when you have saga you will always get the ones who join the bandwagon for whatever reason .Sad what people do when they know there is controversy actually for the most part its another form of bulling which happens at every level of life .
I have so much I want to say as I say once again I don't know where to begin but I want to talk about Richard Gumo the local town Justice who has just been chided for basically not making the court aware that a witness was the daughter of the town clerk in which Gumo worked with in the Town of Walton where he also presides as Justice .
I just want to give a little background before I bring Gumo into my writing.
I have a home in Delhi  New York  which I have had for over 20 years. My driveway is 2/10th of a mile long I am tucked in the woods but even though  I am on a main road there are alot of people that don't even know there's a house where my house is  . Plus,  I don't even know my neighbors which are only in view when the leafs are off the trees and even then it hard to see . I have never had the liberty to speak to my neighbors who operate the farm below me . So for the most part no one sees me of even really knows me especially these last couple years I pretty much stay to myself 
  I am the sixth child of seven so I have people around me all of my life , but life events change people !  Seeing that its small knit community and I have several siblings that are well known to the community.However I am the sibling  who has never really been involved with the others most assume I am the same . NO GO !  One thing I do know that I do know to be the same is we were born to the same Mother and Father and We listen to the Savage Nation so I can say that we have the same view when it comes to listening to  Micheal  and what he has to say . Perhaps it a Queens NY thing !  I would love to talk about Michael but I will have to leave that subject for another time . 
So being that I am tucked in the woods I seem to have more wildlife now then ever before . Wolves , yes Wolves  , that howl all through the night . Last night they were howling so loud If I didn't know better I would swear they were right below my house First couple times I heard them I got real scared but now I love to listen . PBS did a documentary on the coy wolf and most of us don't even know we are invaded . I also 
have lots of birds , owls and whatever else keeps us company in the woods . These past couple days I have had several birds hit the window where I sit .So with the combo of the wolves and the birds it feels like a sanctuary tucked up on my mountain side with all this snow and the dogs .
I have been composing a blog regarding my personal dealings with Justice Gumo  and how his recent admonishment by the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct  for failure to step down off a case where there was considered to be a conflict of interest as well as the fact that he had an obligation to let the court know of any such conflict of interest which, totally related to what recently happened to both me my daughter and I  . This man had more than a conflict of interest and was more than obligated to step down as the justice overseeing our  case  when trumped up charges were brought against my daughter and I after a Sheriff Officer's misconduct had been video taped , we appeared infont Judge Gumo ,sending both of us to jail with incredible high cash bail .Most of the conflict has already been written about on September 2014 
What I share with you about where I live  and the events that lead up to me and my daughter appearing infront of Gumo will link up together as I write more in order for it all to make sense  especially seeing that there is so much more to share . Its complicated ....
My Question is now what after the fact ? 
First  I had this : assault and battery by Sheriff  who pointed a taser in my face after a unexpected knock 

Then I got this reply after I requested the Sheriff's departmental policy &procedures on the use of Tasers along with certificates of qualification 

 on the same day it lead to this 
then to this 
 and this 
to this and more ................

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