Thursday, January 8, 2015


Did you ever think there might be truly be a god when unexplained things happen out of the the blue  or perhaps it has to do with the planetary alignment ? 
See yesterday I was watching a video of woman from Connecticut who was dealing withunethical acts that were committed against her and her children by child protective services, Connecticut family Court as well as the children's assigned attorney . In New York the assigned counsel for the child is called a law guardian  in other states it call attorney at lit am . Anyway my point being is that the woman in the video stated that she was told that her medial issues for both her and her children never existed when trying to be treated at a hospital . Suddenly child protect services arrived at the hospital , her children were removed from her care and she was admitted to the psychiatric ward in that same hospital . From that day forward both her and her children have been on spincycle from the havoc caused by the broken system of Child protective services and family court . One lies  then the others go along and before you know it the system takes over robbing  family's emotionally, physically and mentally which keeps the less unfortunate in the system feeding the existence of the broken system . 
What came to mind when I was listening was the lies told by those who work within the system that cause such irreversible damage to children and family's throughout the USA . Someone in the system forms an opinion without any sort of proof  and whatever they say goes. Lies , lies and more lies but the sad part is these people working in the system are protected and they are allowed to carry on cause no one ever takes any sort of action to stop them . Of course its most likely happening to the less fortunate who have no idea what rights have been violated or how to fight what is being done . So, the system feeds off them . 
OK so as I continued  listening I started to think back about the lies that were told during the family court nightmare regarding the custody of my precious grand child who is loved by many and is deprived the love of her mother , grand mother and extended family on both sides . Like I said someone formulates an opinion  which, is not based on fact or the law but on their own personal judgment  then the lies begin only so it can justify why they did what they have done regardless of how much irreversible damage has been done especially to a child .
So what came  to mind in particular was is in 2006 my daughter was required to have psychiatric evaluation for family court . She was interviewed at a county clinic by a therapist/evaluator who made the claim that my daughter is not telling the truth without any sort of proof and out and out  states that she not truthful  in the report .  So ,now whoever sees that statement makes a immediate determination that whatever she says is not of the truth allowing  the system to do whatever it  wants because after all who is going think otherwise?  WOW! Even though my daughter did not have the documents to prove otherwise during the interview the documents were within the family court file all along  but perhaps they were  removed them intentionally?

Anyway my daughter was moving some storage bins around this morning and within one of the bins was old family court documents . I  happen to save all those files .I never know when I might need to prove to someone otherwise ! Low and behold was the following documents,  I scanned the second page of a copy of my daughters psychiatric evaluation and of course blacken out personal data for her protection . The evaluator  makes reference  of the signing off of fathers rights stating that my daughter doesn't seem to be bothered so that fact could be confirmed or dis -confirmed yet the clinic contacts the court and it was found not to be true ! Low and behold also in that bin was a copy of the order that proves otherwise !  Let the lies begin . 
Lets see because My daughter was not bothered therefor it was determined that she might not be truthful so the Evaluator states the fact could be confirmed or dis confirmed ....What ? This is what you call TRANSPARENCY  !  So this person who is making judgement on the further of not only my grand child as well as all of her family  makes such an irrational statement perhaps because that Evaluator didn't think my daughter reacted according to the issue of the father signing off . Ah Ha....... someone from the clinic made contact with the  court it was found not to be true . Who from the clinic made contact .  Wow ....this  is simply unreal ! I am gathering the fact that the document states that this clinic made contact with the court it can be assumed that other than the Evaluator made contact and upon whoever that was determined that fact not to be true . 
It gets better cause at the bottom of the page it states  my daughters intellect is average or above average"by gross estimate"!  Yes my daughter is very smart as a matter of fact in second grade the school tested the children's IQ and she had the second highest IQ in her class . But for the Evaluator to make such a statement regarding her intellect might of caused the Evaluator to  feel intimidated .  I am sure the Evaluator  like most of those in  authority who feels they might be compromised in anyway can be anything else but humble so they react to discredit .
Among that bin were other papers such as orders that showed Mr Military person had been placed on a central registry and was entered within the domestic violence system ! Which , I have to question how he was able to get his non governmental postition, perhaps someone formulated an opinion with out verifying ? 
Anyway so how odd is it that yesterday I watched a video which made me related to the lies that were being told and today my daughter says Ma let me show you what I came across .?
So, I wondering if this is an act of god or is it the planetary alignment that comes to us ?
Stay tuned of course there is more !
Thanks for having a read .

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