Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Sorry I did not get to chance to do a posting on a further update regarding the gift card theft . 
Yesterday was just one of those days where I happened to get sparked by something I read which, took me in several different directions  . I am on role ! Yes sire y  believe me I am not stopping!
I am right ...right... right  and I am going to prove that I am right ! 
Top of my list is letter to the Committee on Judicial Conduct . In which I predict in my letter that the Committee will answered my complaint  in a couple months time with a one sentence statement telling me the Committee has determined that no wrong doings have been committed . Par for the course regardless if a judge has acted outside of his or her Judicial Capacity nothing will ever be done . However , I will elaborate in another posting why that is so  . Perhaps there will be a few that will be in for a bit of embarrassment to say the least  .
2015 has to be a year of reform .  I've decided to take a different route this year simply because the system is broken and in order  for me to fix what has been done is to go elsewhere .
What amazes me is I get a pat on the back when I am not dealing with those who are inexplicably intertwined .i ! 
Hopefully I will have new posting later in the day 

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