Monday, January 5, 2015


I am back , tonight again no answer for my grand child goes straight to voice mail ! Its  par for the course when you got those who think that they can take matters into their own hands . Doesn't work that way!
I have attached the proof of purchase for the gift card and the delivery conformation number which proves the card had been delivered to the Jacksonville NC  post office box on the 31st of Oct . 
When the Military Person said he was not in receipt of the gift card my daughter and I  went to my local Walmart  #2262 where the card was purchased in which they were able to tell us  the status of the gift card . At that time  is when we found that the card had been used and the remaining balance on the card was $0  We were also given a print out showing the Walmart store code of where the gift card happened to be redeemed at which was store# 3864   . Low and behold look what comes up for store# 3864  Jacksonville NC Walmart Supercenter Store ! Ironically  just happens to be that Jacksonville NC is where the gift card had been sent to .
Knowing that the card had been sent to a military post office we were sure that the card had been received  but we had to go through all the channels first . As I had already said in my previous post that Walmart investigators were able to pull the videos that depicted the person who stole the card and used the card . However,  when the Woman in question was described we were pretty sure of who it was but the video and pictures  had to be handed over to the postal inspectors for them to verify it was not an employee of the USPS . From there the picture was sent for us to  see if we were able to identify the Woman in question which we have done so . Now the issue is to weed out the glitch between the Military Police and the Jacksonville Police department . It has been established a crime has been committed so as soon as we can get things straighten out between the police forces an action will be taken . If we have to file a civilian action for the charge to made we will do so as well as possibly file a law suit on behalf of my grand child for the damages that have been committed against her through this ordeal  . Mind you this woman in question has no legal rights to my grand child . 

 Below ,top left  side  is the Walmart receipt showing  the status of the $50 gift card that was purchased at store #2262  Oneonta NY Walmart on 10/28/14  and on 11/3/14 at 18:00 hours (6pm) the gift card was used at store #3864 the balance was Zero on that date 
Below that receipt is the USPS Tracking number of which that gift card was with in a gift box along with other items for my grand child   I have also included a copy of the print out that shows the package had been delivered  on 10/31/14 
On the right side  is the original receipt for the gift card purchased showing the store # 2262 and the account number that matched the receipt on the top left side . 

So there you have it  
Will update you on any further happenings  and will be providing correspondence  that proves the under-mindedness  and abuse that has been endured .

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