Saturday, January 3, 2015


Sorry I did not continue where I left off as I said I would .These last couple days I had to take time to myself to have  a long think . However being that it was  holiday time which, I have never really enjoyed I just try to carry on as if it was any other time of the year so, needless to say my thinking took me elsewhere . For those who don't know me personally due to circumstances beyond my control these last couple years  I pretty much stay to myself .  So having lots of time to myself I have alot of time to think and that is exactly what I do" THINK"  as well as read and listen to talk radio. 
However through all my time to think  I have come to realize that I have the ability to read into what people are all about which is an ability I have always had but now more than ever I realize my  true ability to do so  .As the Brits would say I have people sussed out or I am spot on! Unfortunately, for the most part when people are sussed out they are never humble ,they often get vengeful and start the war of retaliation . Most attack with words at first and often react without thinking but  god for bid you suss out those who  have any kind of position of authority those are the ones who take retaliation to a whole other level . I found that most who hold any kind of position of authority didn't get there cause they were smart they got there cause talked the talk and in general are lazy  as well as they fear any kind of threat to their status.  
Unfortunately in general  most people don't care until the wrongs  affects them  .  
I have found that the many people I  have come in contact with are intrigued  with what  has and continues to go on in my life and are interested in what I have to say . There are many who find what I say to be humorous  and seem to remember what I said to them for the happenings in my life are so bizarre they just can not father anything like what I share with them to happen in real life . 
 I have to admit that I am better talker then I am writer. English was never my better subject so I often depended on others to correct my errors   I often find it hard to get my point across in my writings so I am thinking about doing short videos along with this blog .
I have been wanting to do a ongoing blog for sometime now for I feel its the only way to let people know the truths of the wrongs that have been committed not only against me but those who are close to me . Perhaps I can reach to others and vice verse . Maybe somehow I can make a difference whatever that may be . Moreover,  since the unfortunate happenings of  Eric Garner case in NYC I feel stronger now than ever to get the word out there .  Reform in the Justice System  needs to take place somehow and someway .
One last thing  I have to say for sure is I never put anything in writing I can not  back up !
So for now I will continue where I left off on my last blog .......

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