Thursday, January 8, 2015


There is an adventure in every day of my life . I will be listing the names of those who I will be writing about just waiting to get a return message from a person holding a political position which will rubber stamp my accusations regarding a Judge along with a couple attorneys 
 Anyway back to the gift card theft . Of course today being my daughters phone visit to my grand child  the call immediately went to voice mail . So the Military Police were sent to the house to make sure the phone was in working order which it was and to check on the safety of my grand child .  Before the military officer went out to the home he called to confirm his instructions .  After the officer went to the home he returned the call stating that my grand child was getting ready for bed so, Mr Military Person will have my grand child return the call to her mother tomorrow . Do you think that is going to happen ? Nah  ...  Come on  Mr Military person has already taken matters into his own hands or maybe the Woman in Question is still very upset for getting caught out there with my grand child's gift card ?  So perhaps its going to be the woman in questions way after all she makes sure she is put herself down as my grand child's mother on any legal documents so no one knows any better that there is a real mother out there !  Lets have full control cause after all she has three young ones of her own which makes a hefty support payment ! Plus the fact that she knows her Military Person is still hung up on the past.  Wonder how it must feel knowing that the person you are with physically is with someone else emotionally . Must be a hard pill to swallow ?
At least  now my grand child knows her mother has been calling for her and was concerned .  
In the meantime other routes have been mapped out in order to avoid the battle zone especially for my grand child's sake . 
Yesterday I watched a video on children that have been placed in foster care which, I will elaborate on in another posting but the woman in the video given the speech  gave statistics about children who are taken from their families and how the system deprives the children what they need the most which is their family As well as she stated that all children want to be is loved ! Well ,I love my grand child with all my heart and it saddens me to know she has been deprived her family as well as other emotional needs. My Grand Child has been deprived contact with both sides of her family for Mr Military Person cut off all ties with his family . I do know that the only contact outside the home my grand child has is those she goes to school with . 
No one ever comes to their home .The other siblings are boys . One being 8 months old  the other two are 6 and 7 which last I knew neither of them go to school . Seems they are not potty trained . Perhaps there is a good  reason no one comes to their home ? 
All these same acts came to light in a Pennsylvania court where the Judge claimed that in all of the 13 years he has been on the bench it was the worst case of Alienation he had ever seen but somehow a old liberal retired Judge determined that the court erred in not given the Military Person a relocation hearing which physical custody awarded. Moreover the relocation was asked for half way through the hearings Suddenly when the Judge started to see what others turned a blind eye to the Military was calling for a reassignment for a non governmental position which happens to be  by application , qualifications, schooling and then transferred according to your pick of the position according to where there is  an opening. However that opening happened to be on a military base no outsiders can have access to .  As was told to the Judge the military is calling and he had to go all part of his military obligation.  I ask... an obligation to who ?
I will have more on that story as well 
Thanks again for having a read 
Stay tuned much more to tell  !

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