Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I have so much to tell you all and really I have no idea where to start off . I would like to continued with the stolen gift card matter but for now I would like to share a little background  to what has lead me to write the letters to the Committee on Judicial Conduct   In which I had complained about the Judges bias's and unethical acts that have lead to all these actions to be committed against not only my grand child , my daughter and myself but has had irreversible effects on  the extended family on both sides . The entire family structure as a whole has been broken by the system . 
I will also talk about attorneys who were appointed by the court to represent my grand child which are " Officers of the Court ", and are very much on the same level of the Judges.  Most of them acquire their position not because they are smart but because they were unable to succeed in a independent practice .  So, what they do is  join the band wagon, go with the flow, receive a hefty paycheck on the tax payers dollar.  However, in essence its basically the same as being on "the dole" with out ever being re-certified  as no one ever checks up on them .  As long as they go with the flow of the system they continue being on the dole with little to no effort . It's considered to be laziness ,stupidity, selfishness and abuse !  They will always be protected by the Judges because they are one in the same . 
I will tell how a Law Guardian from New York made contact with an investigative agency of another state who were investigating abuse allegation reported against his previous client ,  my innocent 
Grand Child .  As well as how that investigator was sold on what the law guardian ie "Officer of the Court" had informed her.  In turn that investigator simply with out further inquiry closed the case and a beware notice was made so that in the event that any other reports  made were not acknowledged even when the school officials made a claim .  Mind you this investigator had talked to someone on the phone who claimed to be the child's law guardian in New York . He wasn't calling in the interest of the child , his prior client he was calling to protect the father and the  judge here in NY who was employed by Social Services prior to becoming a Judge. Who, had many ties as well as that judge knew he had erred and would do what every was in in his power to save his face . 
I will explain how my instincts tell me that even though that same Judge will no longer preside over our cases he still has vengeance which,  it is believed that our  recent incidents were behind the scenes acts by that Judge . 
I will also tell how it was uncovered that a order was created in North Carolina after a Judge who had been temporarily assigned to the original judge's cases here in New York and he himself had  to step down took it upon himself to make contact with that a North Carolina Judge who created the hidden order , The order  even elaborates on the details of the conversation with the New York Judge .
 I will provide all my proofs to back up what I state . 
Thanks for having a read .
Stay tuned !

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