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For those who read my last blog ,I posted a Dangerous Dog  action where the " People V Barbara O'Sullivan" . As I am sure you can see that the action was dismissed and rightfully so but as it is noted the dismissal is signed by Judge Gumo the very same Judge who has just recently admonished by the New York State Committee on Judicial Conduct for failing to notify the court of a conflict of interest as well as its his duty as a judge to notify a court of any conflicts of interest and its his duty to step down as he should of done in my case, if conflict directly deals with him   

I was charged with assault 2nd against the very same Sheriff  who assaulted me twice on the 5th of September 2014  First time when there was an unexpected knock at my front door and I opened to my front door to find I had a taser in my face  In which I was ordered to open my front door for him to enter or I would not only been tasered but arrested  as well  as the Bully of a Sheriff  claimed he had a family court warrant for the arrest of  my daughter  that has since been dismissed , However the Bully entered my home like a mad man on a mission to take down whatever came in his way regardless of who or what  was in my home !  After barging his  way in I demanded for a copy of a warrant to enter my home which he did not have . Moreover,  I had also been assaulted a second time that same day as the Bully left the Sheriff vehicle door adjared while reversing smashing into  my hand and into the tablet I was video taping his misconduct with 
I filed a civil action against Bowie
Court:   Delaware Civil Supreme
Index Number:   000911/2014

 for assaulting me when he backed into me with the Sheriff Vehicle door adjared but I later found out from New York Civil liberties Union that Bowie had committed a second assault against me when he placed his taser in my face and threatened use it on me if I did not open the door for him  As he claimed he had identified the suspect , my daughter while standing in my kitchen as  we had all been waiting  for a text from my grand daughters father who was coming to retrieve her . Mind you ,anyone that has been to my home knows I have a open plan house and if you stand at my front door you can see both ends of my home  Seeing that I did not know that it was assault when he placed the taser in my face to get me to comply I would of included that in my action as well  However, I am still thinking about filing a second action against Bowie . He was served and since he has not answer a default judgement has been entered  . Just wonder why he never answered . Perhaps to hide the fact that he might not be qualified to carry a taser  or the fact that he used it against taser internationals policy  or he knew I had him on video  or the fact that he never filed any kind of report on hitting me with the Sheriff vehicle or the fact that he unholsterer his taser then threatening to use it  in order for me to comply which also required to be reported and an additional written report needed to be made .
 Nah ..... but he phoned all his " Cronies"  when he had my daughter in the back seat to tell them he just entered a "Shit Show"! 
Anyway as you can see by my exhitbits I had sent a FOIL request  to the sheriff department as follows with an immediate reply

to shrf 
Delaware County Sheriff 
C/O  FOIL Officer
280 Phoebe Lane
Suite #1 
Delhi, NY 13753

Barbara O'Sullivan
PO Box 65 
Delhi, NY  13753

RE FOIL Request 

Dear FOIL Officer,
As New York State Freedom of Information law sec.9NYCRR 483.1 Et.Seq. please provide me within 5 days a copy of any and all policies and procedures used by your department, The  Delaware County Sheriff ,  regarding Tasers and the use of Tasers by departmental employees
. Also please provide the names of all employees of your department who are certified  to carry and use departmental Tasers per the requirements of the US Department of Justice,along with the dates of such employees certification .
Please send the documents that have been requested via electronic means to the return email address , .
Look forward to receiving a prompt response.

Thank you ,


---------- Forwarded message ---------,
From: Tim Buckley <>
Date: Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 10:54 AM
Subject: FW: FOIL Reques
To: "" <>
Cc: "Craig S. DuMond" <>, "Jody S. Proffitt" <>, Porter Kirkwood <>, Christa Schafer <>, Lori Koronowski <>

 September 8, 2014

Dear Ms. O’Sullivan,

                We are in receipt of your request.  I am forwarding the same to the County Legal Division and County Foil Officer for review and determination.
                Upon their determination you will be contacted.  Please be advised that if authorized for release, some or all of this information may not be able to be transmitted electronically as you requested.  If not available electronically you will be contacted as to the fees associat with your request.

So Among my exhibits in my previous blog  the same day I get a reply telling me I have wait 20days  Sheriff Bowie files a complaint with the Town Court of Delhi in which it was claimed that Justice Gumo issued a warrant for my arrest that being on the 11th of September 2014 
In the interim of time I had been invaded by several sheriff officers including Bully Bowie in the evening   on the 18th of September as the  came to execute a warrant of arrest  based on Bowie s information to the Town Court . Turns out that out of all the officers who surrounded my house just happen to be Bowie was apparently the only one attacked by a viscous Pit Bull that was claimed I had unleashed the Pit Bull to intentionally to attack him !
I was arraigned in Delhi Town Court infront  of Justice Gumo who sent me to jail on 10K cash bail !
Dog had been sent to the Humane Society to be quarantined for rabies . 
After I had been released and the dog was due to be released 
an attempt to have the dog euthanized was made by Sheriff Bowie who, had the Town Court issue a dangerous dog action against me  which is also among my exhibits showing the dismissal and since then the dog has been released . Thank God !
Here is the real killer   First I like to say :
                                     I DO NOT OWN A DOG!
                Nor did I ever unleash a dog on anyone at anytime !                    Nor was the dog taken into quarantine a "PIT BULL"

There is more but I will have to write a book to tell it all .

Anyway, please reflect on how many people were sent my FOIL 
Jody Proffitt being one, who was in receipt of my FOIL turned up at my house to serve me with the dangerous dog action the day before the court date .  While Detective Blah Blah   who had accompanied Proffitt exited the vehicle to have a visual of whatever when Proffitt came to the front door,    I will tell you more about Detective Blah Blah in another blog but he was among those who invaded my home the night I was taken into custody  . Mr K9 Unit himself with wonder dog at his side :) But ,since I was not home at the time Proffitt served my daughter instead 
Now, here is the ultimate outrage  !
While my daughter and I were waiting for court to proceed on my dangerous dog hearing  Cathy Fletcher, The Clerk of the Court came out of her office which, she shares with Justice Gumo placed a item on the podium next to the mic which was directly in both my daughters and my view .  As Fletcher placed the item down giving us both a smirk as she often does , she then proceeded back to her office . With total disbelief of what both my daughter and I were viewing we quickly snapped a few pictures . With- in seconds of taken the pictures Justice Gumo exited the office with  Fletcher taking as seat  behind the podium  to proceed with my dangerous dog hearing . 
This is what was placed on the podium .

 Its a plague  that states "JAIL CELL RECIPES"! 
with a cartoon character of a muscle man surrounded by animals several which appear to be dogs!   
Now this is the element of people you got in small town courts with sick sense of humor . 
Here are both my daughter and I suffering as we were both were traumatized  by all that had happened to us as well as having had  irreversible damages and loses in our lives  Moreover, on top of it all there was possibility that Gumo would order the dog to be euthanize and we have the likes of who's ever sick sense of humor to put the knife in and turn it a little deeper !
Now if that is not harassment it sure is gross misconduct but who is going to do a thing about it ? 

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