Wednesday, August 12, 2015

There are those who think about it & there are those who do it !

Now that my blog Count down to Becker has ended and Becker is no longer presiding  I have had several people make personal comments that they enjoyed reading my daily postings . Some made jokes at first then patted me on the back for my postings as in the end it seemed to be a relief for those who refrained from speaking out .  Unfortunately the actions of Becker were irreversible for many and there were many who hide behind Becker in fear or acted on his behalf . I am just wondering what those same people will do now ?
Today when I went with my daughter to serve papers to DA's office I happened to notice there were was a truck and a car parked in two of the judges reserved parking spaces  but there were no judges today as I was told  but then again I was observing the parking spaces after 3pm   It appeared that the Black Truck parked in the first reserved space closest to the entrance belonged to one of the Court Officers and the car in the other reserved space had rims filled with matted dirt like it had been driven on a dirt road many times with out anyone taken the time to ever clean the dirt out . I believe that car belonged to Lauren Clarke , So maybe now that Becker is not around to give flowers or whatever else he rewarded those who were enslaved to him maybe all the dirt  that has been stored up will be revealed especially for the sake of those poor rims ! As most know that its the law clerk of the Judge does the majority of research and is responsible for putting such decisions together
So the main objective now is to get the word out to those who are voting in Novembers Election for often a Judge is as good as his or hers help and make sure there is not a repeat of the Becker era

I often say there are those who think about it and those who do it . For my Peps the question is which one are you ?     I can tell you that I am both  !    For its people like me who want to make change and will make change !  I will do it for my Daughter and my Grand Baby Estella who I love more than anything in this world .  Together forever xx     I am sorry for those who go through life never knowing what bonding is especially between a mother, daughter and grand baby that no matter what happens that bond will be there for life !


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