Friday, August 29, 2014

Judge needs to get the facts right !

Once again we have  judge who is shooting off at the mouth,  lacking the understanding to the history of my daughters family court case   but has taken a one sided view .
  Once again I am included where I have not appeared .  Perhaps it should be made known to the judge that our Writ of Habeas that was filed in Supreme Court firstly, has nothing to do with the proceeding that took place today  However  ,since the judge took it upon himself make me part of the  proceedings I am going to comment
 Our Writ of Habeas was based on the fact that on In September of 2013 father did not have a valid order to remove the child from school Nor  does New York State  Department of Education  have a policy or procedure to allow the father or allow the school permit the father to take the child  !   That still stands true as of today !   A  Writ of Habeas has to be handled in a expedited manor not take 4 months for the court to render a decision  Or perhaps should I say the law clerks lack of knowledge of a domestic relations Writ of Habeas  is what  caused a delay and also due to that lack of knowledge never gave us a hearing which was rightfully do . Then to top it off a sanction fee of $100  where applied to both me and my indigent daughter who was represented by assigned counsel 
 An appeal was filed as well as I  had filled a motion to re argue   However ,  I  was told in my answer to my motion to re argue  I was not a party to the proceedings so how can I be sanctioned ?
 Low and behold  a  $100  undertaking was attempted to be made to the Albany clerks office . However ,it was discovered that an original filing of the order needed to be made so that the undertaking can be processed   Seeing that the original order had not been filed  in turn I  filed a order to show cause which, was given a he new judge . NO hearing of course for the order to show cause just a ruling by the new judge stating I did not make it clear when it as that I discovered that the filing was invalid.  I am not sure how much clearer I can get but my order to show cause states that on June 10th 2014 while attempting to filing an undertaking in the Albany County Clerks office . 
Pretty scary when you got judges and attorneys who think they know it all because they have been there and done it all .  Well guess what they have not been there and done is my daughters  family Court Case  but yet they know all about it and can make one sided judgement .
Finally there has been a law guardian assigned who is professional and  noted to  the court that its  what is in the best interest of a her client a little girl who needs stability . But seeing that you got those in the system who base their decisions on opinion rather than what is law and the in the best interest of the child  . They are right and you are wrong.  So it doesn't matter who does the right thing especially when they law guardian makes it known to the court her findings it doesn't matter . Its the likes of  those who Michael Savage call the "Vermin of Society" who make such decision based on power . Which is known as abuse of power !
How dare you question authority !   Sit down and shut up you are told or better yet you are given sanctions with out a hearing . Yeah  are we back in the USSR ?