Sunday, January 18, 2015


I wake every morning to the thought of my precious grand child as I know she is suffering and I pray that someone will do the right thing by her . Unfortunately, the system has made judgement not on what is right for her but has made judgement on their own personal feelings towards her mother's attorney, her grand mother and her mother . 
We have Judges who have gone beyond their duties as a Judge However ,the Committee of Judicial Conduct will back those same Judges no matter how wrong they are because the Committee is a  form of a Dictatorship , having "absolute or supreme power or authority" to do whatever they want not based on law or facts but based on the fact they themselves make judgement on who is making a complaint . So basically I don't believe my complaint will even be given a second thought !
It seems that Judge Frank Revoir Jr of Chenango County who presided over a petition filed in Delaware County Family Court by my daughter back in August took it upon himself to make all kinds of uncalled for, threatening statements on the record before claiming he did not have jurisdiction over the case .Seems there was an order that came out of Albany County Family Court Dated the 2nd of July in which no one had been in receipt of that transferred the family court proceedings to North Carolina  . A complaint was made to The Committee by both the attorney and my daughter  regarding Judge Revoir's outrageous conduct during the hearing.  That didn't stop Revoir from going even further as he must of felt that he was infallible so, another complaint was made against him on the 25th of September .  Now with all the havoc caused by that out of control judge who I guess felt because of the parties involved he can do whatever he wishes without any recourse,he doesn't stop there !
 Now mind you because it was determined that jurisdiction of the family court case was transferred to NC per the Albany County Court Order  .Upon an inquiry to the North Carolina Court when trying to file a petition it was discovered that a Judge in NC had made an order dated the 30th of September claiming jurisdiction of the family court case . Which, coincidental none of the parties were in receipt of  that order just like the July 2nd order out of Albany County . However that NC Judge based her acceptance after having a conversation with a New York Family Court Judge  , guess who ?

Yes Judge Revoir ! Seems Revoir just happened to talk to the NC Judge Ex -Parte on the 25th of September and  that NC Judge  makes up an order which is based  on via a telephone conversation with Judge Revoir   Coincidentally happens to be on the  the same date as the second complaint by the attorney to the Committee. What's even better is Revoir fails to tell the court that there is a scheduled hearing in front of him on Oct  2nd as well as there is a motion pending making it impossible for the NC court to accept jurisdiction  Of course as for the rest of what was said we can read between the lines . Sad part is this is what the people of Chenango County NY elected as a family court judge !
So lets see what the Committee will say about that ? I guess this is all perfectly acceptable  for a NY Judge to go outside of his duties to make contact with a NC judge to tell her other than what is of fact and possibly try to shed some negative light in a outside jurisdiction . I shall wait and see  !

PS  what is told about custody of the child is not of fact . So Revoir doesn't even get that right but the judge writes it down as fact !

Thursday, January 15, 2015


For those who read my last blog ,I posted a Dangerous Dog  action where the " People V Barbara O'Sullivan" . As I am sure you can see that the action was dismissed and rightfully so but as it is noted the dismissal is signed by Judge Gumo the very same Judge who has just recently admonished by the New York State Committee on Judicial Conduct for failing to notify the court of a conflict of interest as well as its his duty as a judge to notify a court of any conflicts of interest and its his duty to step down as he should of done in my case, if conflict directly deals with him   

I was charged with assault 2nd against the very same Sheriff  who assaulted me twice on the 5th of September 2014  First time when there was an unexpected knock at my front door and I opened to my front door to find I had a taser in my face  In which I was ordered to open my front door for him to enter or I would not only been tasered but arrested  as well  as the Bully of a Sheriff  claimed he had a family court warrant for the arrest of  my daughter  that has since been dismissed , However the Bully entered my home like a mad man on a mission to take down whatever came in his way regardless of who or what  was in my home !  After barging his  way in I demanded for a copy of a warrant to enter my home which he did not have . Moreover,  I had also been assaulted a second time that same day as the Bully left the Sheriff vehicle door adjared while reversing smashing into  my hand and into the tablet I was video taping his misconduct with 
I filed a civil action against Bowie
Court:   Delaware Civil Supreme
Index Number:   000911/2014

 for assaulting me when he backed into me with the Sheriff Vehicle door adjared but I later found out from New York Civil liberties Union that Bowie had committed a second assault against me when he placed his taser in my face and threatened use it on me if I did not open the door for him  As he claimed he had identified the suspect , my daughter while standing in my kitchen as  we had all been waiting  for a text from my grand daughters father who was coming to retrieve her . Mind you ,anyone that has been to my home knows I have a open plan house and if you stand at my front door you can see both ends of my home  Seeing that I did not know that it was assault when he placed the taser in my face to get me to comply I would of included that in my action as well  However, I am still thinking about filing a second action against Bowie . He was served and since he has not answer a default judgement has been entered  . Just wonder why he never answered . Perhaps to hide the fact that he might not be qualified to carry a taser  or the fact that he used it against taser internationals policy  or he knew I had him on video  or the fact that he never filed any kind of report on hitting me with the Sheriff vehicle or the fact that he unholsterer his taser then threatening to use it  in order for me to comply which also required to be reported and an additional written report needed to be made .
 Nah ..... but he phoned all his " Cronies"  when he had my daughter in the back seat to tell them he just entered a "Shit Show"! 
Anyway as you can see by my exhitbits I had sent a FOIL request  to the sheriff department as follows with an immediate reply

to shrf 
Delaware County Sheriff 
C/O  FOIL Officer
280 Phoebe Lane
Suite #1 
Delhi, NY 13753

Barbara O'Sullivan
PO Box 65 
Delhi, NY  13753

RE FOIL Request 

Dear FOIL Officer,
As New York State Freedom of Information law sec.9NYCRR 483.1 Et.Seq. please provide me within 5 days a copy of any and all policies and procedures used by your department, The  Delaware County Sheriff ,  regarding Tasers and the use of Tasers by departmental employees
. Also please provide the names of all employees of your department who are certified  to carry and use departmental Tasers per the requirements of the US Department of Justice,along with the dates of such employees certification .
Please send the documents that have been requested via electronic means to the return email address , .
Look forward to receiving a prompt response.

Thank you ,


---------- Forwarded message ---------,
From: Tim Buckley <>
Date: Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 10:54 AM
Subject: FW: FOIL Reques
To: "" <>
Cc: "Craig S. DuMond" <>, "Jody S. Proffitt" <>, Porter Kirkwood <>, Christa Schafer <>, Lori Koronowski <>

 September 8, 2014

Dear Ms. O’Sullivan,

                We are in receipt of your request.  I am forwarding the same to the County Legal Division and County Foil Officer for review and determination.
                Upon their determination you will be contacted.  Please be advised that if authorized for release, some or all of this information may not be able to be transmitted electronically as you requested.  If not available electronically you will be contacted as to the fees associat with your request.

So Among my exhibits in my previous blog  the same day I get a reply telling me I have wait 20days  Sheriff Bowie files a complaint with the Town Court of Delhi in which it was claimed that Justice Gumo issued a warrant for my arrest that being on the 11th of September 2014 
In the interim of time I had been invaded by several sheriff officers including Bully Bowie in the evening   on the 18th of September as the  came to execute a warrant of arrest  based on Bowie s information to the Town Court . Turns out that out of all the officers who surrounded my house just happen to be Bowie was apparently the only one attacked by a viscous Pit Bull that was claimed I had unleashed the Pit Bull to intentionally to attack him !
I was arraigned in Delhi Town Court infront  of Justice Gumo who sent me to jail on 10K cash bail !
Dog had been sent to the Humane Society to be quarantined for rabies . 
After I had been released and the dog was due to be released 
an attempt to have the dog euthanized was made by Sheriff Bowie who, had the Town Court issue a dangerous dog action against me  which is also among my exhibits showing the dismissal and since then the dog has been released . Thank God !
Here is the real killer   First I like to say :
                                     I DO NOT OWN A DOG!
                Nor did I ever unleash a dog on anyone at anytime !                    Nor was the dog taken into quarantine a "PIT BULL"

There is more but I will have to write a book to tell it all .

Anyway, please reflect on how many people were sent my FOIL 
Jody Proffitt being one, who was in receipt of my FOIL turned up at my house to serve me with the dangerous dog action the day before the court date .  While Detective Blah Blah   who had accompanied Proffitt exited the vehicle to have a visual of whatever when Proffitt came to the front door,    I will tell you more about Detective Blah Blah in another blog but he was among those who invaded my home the night I was taken into custody  . Mr K9 Unit himself with wonder dog at his side :) But ,since I was not home at the time Proffitt served my daughter instead 
Now, here is the ultimate outrage  !
While my daughter and I were waiting for court to proceed on my dangerous dog hearing  Cathy Fletcher, The Clerk of the Court came out of her office which, she shares with Justice Gumo placed a item on the podium next to the mic which was directly in both my daughters and my view .  As Fletcher placed the item down giving us both a smirk as she often does , she then proceeded back to her office . With total disbelief of what both my daughter and I were viewing we quickly snapped a few pictures . With- in seconds of taken the pictures Justice Gumo exited the office with  Fletcher taking as seat  behind the podium  to proceed with my dangerous dog hearing . 
This is what was placed on the podium .

 Its a plague  that states "JAIL CELL RECIPES"! 
with a cartoon character of a muscle man surrounded by animals several which appear to be dogs!   
Now this is the element of people you got in small town courts with sick sense of humor . 
Here are both my daughter and I suffering as we were both were traumatized  by all that had happened to us as well as having had  irreversible damages and loses in our lives  Moreover, on top of it all there was possibility that Gumo would order the dog to be euthanize and we have the likes of who's ever sick sense of humor to put the knife in and turn it a little deeper !
Now if that is not harassment it sure is gross misconduct but who is going to do a thing about it ? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The Saga continues in my life  , My poor little precious grand child in captivity by Mr Military Person and the Woman in Question.Sad cause no one even knows how that little- one is suffering ! Everyone was busy making judgement on the attorney who represented my daughter simply because for the most part  whoever she came up against felt threatened by her instead of looking into what was in the best interest of the child! Don't like counsel , don't like the grand mother , don't even know the mother but because you don't like whatever, make judgement that will scar the child for the rest of that child's life all because of how you felt and you claim to be professional !  

 I was brought up Catholic but never really was into the power of pray but I have taken to pray to the Blessed Mother hoping she will help this poor child and all the other craziness that goes along with the Saga.   Of course when you have saga you will always get the ones who join the bandwagon for whatever reason .Sad what people do when they know there is controversy actually for the most part its another form of bulling which happens at every level of life .
I have so much I want to say as I say once again I don't know where to begin but I want to talk about Richard Gumo the local town Justice who has just been chided for basically not making the court aware that a witness was the daughter of the town clerk in which Gumo worked with in the Town of Walton where he also presides as Justice .
I just want to give a little background before I bring Gumo into my writing.
I have a home in Delhi  New York  which I have had for over 20 years. My driveway is 2/10th of a mile long I am tucked in the woods but even though  I am on a main road there are alot of people that don't even know there's a house where my house is  . Plus,  I don't even know my neighbors which are only in view when the leafs are off the trees and even then it hard to see . I have never had the liberty to speak to my neighbors who operate the farm below me . So for the most part no one sees me of even really knows me especially these last couple years I pretty much stay to myself 
  I am the sixth child of seven so I have people around me all of my life , but life events change people !  Seeing that its small knit community and I have several siblings that are well known to the community.However I am the sibling  who has never really been involved with the others most assume I am the same . NO GO !  One thing I do know that I do know to be the same is we were born to the same Mother and Father and We listen to the Savage Nation so I can say that we have the same view when it comes to listening to  Micheal  and what he has to say . Perhaps it a Queens NY thing !  I would love to talk about Michael but I will have to leave that subject for another time . 
So being that I am tucked in the woods I seem to have more wildlife now then ever before . Wolves , yes Wolves  , that howl all through the night . Last night they were howling so loud If I didn't know better I would swear they were right below my house First couple times I heard them I got real scared but now I love to listen . PBS did a documentary on the coy wolf and most of us don't even know we are invaded . I also 
have lots of birds , owls and whatever else keeps us company in the woods . These past couple days I have had several birds hit the window where I sit .So with the combo of the wolves and the birds it feels like a sanctuary tucked up on my mountain side with all this snow and the dogs .
I have been composing a blog regarding my personal dealings with Justice Gumo  and how his recent admonishment by the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct  for failure to step down off a case where there was considered to be a conflict of interest as well as the fact that he had an obligation to let the court know of any such conflict of interest which, totally related to what recently happened to both me my daughter and I  . This man had more than a conflict of interest and was more than obligated to step down as the justice overseeing our  case  when trumped up charges were brought against my daughter and I after a Sheriff Officer's misconduct had been video taped , we appeared infont Judge Gumo ,sending both of us to jail with incredible high cash bail .Most of the conflict has already been written about on September 2014 
What I share with you about where I live  and the events that lead up to me and my daughter appearing infront of Gumo will link up together as I write more in order for it all to make sense  especially seeing that there is so much more to share . Its complicated ....
My Question is now what after the fact ? 
First  I had this : assault and battery by Sheriff  who pointed a taser in my face after a unexpected knock 

Then I got this reply after I requested the Sheriff's departmental policy &procedures on the use of Tasers along with certificates of qualification 

 on the same day it lead to this 
then to this 
 and this 
to this and more ................

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I have been busy gathering files dealing with family court matters for the  next filing . I have learned through the years I have to double check everything that is sent to either me or my daughter.
The under- mindedness is simply unreal !  Seems Mr Military Person files... files and files  to make the record voluminous so everyone is confused .Not only does he get the aid of the military legal team to help him , he uses military fax lines to send his filing directly to judges and his USPS shipping labels are priced for commercial base rate which, I can only assume that is a perk of the military because I am pretty sure you cant live on base and run a business from your base home . 
Upon having to double check what has been filed I also have to check the affidavits of service plus the delivery conformation numbers . 
Of course right after the military police checked on my grand child  a email was sent to my daughter the email came to my daughter from Mr Military person's email address but a while back the Woman in Question wrote  to my daughter using Mr Military Person's email address after she had been ease dropping in on my daughter conversation and didn't like the fact that my daughter asked my grand child if she went to school with her brother . So,  in the email she gave my daughter hell for asking about her kids  which was just conversation that's all ! But then again we were told that the Woman in Questions sons were not potty trained so last year one of them was not able to go to school until he was trained   One can only be assume that by the reaction of the Woman in Question to get that heated and have to write a nasty gram to my daughter under Mr Military Persons email address there must be something not quite right . 
So anyway in the email  sent after the police made their check on my grand child which was rightfully so since my daughter has not has not been able to speak to my grand child in quite a while ,  attached  to the email  was a copy  of a calendar notice in NC  which, was made out in the hand writing of the Woman in Question requesting a motion that was filed back in October to be put on the court calender in February  Another one of those dare you now I am going to cut you off filings  . However, as whoever is doing the filing never plays by the rules  especially seeing that once a case is assigned to a certain judge it has to stay with that judge .  Like I said whoever cause I don't know who is doing the filing has done it before and whoever that is  knows  exactly what judge is assigned but for some reason once again  the calendar notice is  written in to be  assigned to another judges calender . Seeing that the calendar notice was hand written and there is no date stamp  a call was place down to NC  to verify the so called filing .Low and behold there is no filing . Either one of two things either it hasn't been filed or it was rejected .
So as fine tooth as I am a few months back I had discovered that a NC  family court filing was among another filing for a  New York  Supreme Court  which, just happen to have a affidavit of service attached . However ,no one ever take the time verify the affidavits of service but I do !  It seems the same tracking number was used in both affidavits for both states  . Slick right ? Two in one so what delivery conformation is for what item . Wow ! But get this, what they do is they send what ever nasty filing they are filing which often asks for sanctions or incarceration included  in the envelope are both filings for both courts to make it look like it was sent in error but the intention is for the courts to have read so they can form a negative inference . 
Even better is, in family court you have to divulge any medication or medical conditions which fall under HIP PA by law its confidential information but not when it comes to Mr Military person and the Woman in Question . Got any kind of disability and the world will know about it as well as the medicine you take ! 
Of course for whatever reason I am usually included in Mr Military Persons  filings , I think because of his lack of attachment to anyone especially his mother  he targets me for the bond I have with my daughter and grand child. But, then again after recent happenings it might be coming from the Woman in Question for her lack of emotional bonds .Anyway ,somewhere down the line  a man I married years ago made contact with Mr Military Person out of vengeance for my non compliance to allow him a meal ticket .  Contact was done to target the closest to me which is my grand child and my daughter .   The contact  makes me their common enemy which is usually a feel good factor to have common enemy  ! Basically its a form of bulling at another level So, it  must be the man I was married shared some confidential files from a  Human Rights case I had that was sealed by the State of New York so that the sensitive files could not be viewed by the public  . The attorney generals office had the entire record sealed but Mr Military person seems to think that its OK to file those documents with whatever court he (or they) files in . Its a violation of the sealing order   Nice Right ? But they as in whoever is doing the filing continue to file in  different courts at the same time mind you in two different states so, who is ever going to stop them if acts like this are not brought to the courts attention ?
There is always more to tell ......

Friday, January 9, 2015


Too late for me to do another posting   Got more on the gift card saga and I will be naming those who I will be writing about . One person  that comes to the top of my mind is the smartest loser I have ever met  LOL 

Like I have said every day of my life is an adventure .

Someone I once knew would always say if its not F*cked up its not right!   Too true   :)

Stay tuned !

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Did you ever think there might be truly be a god when unexplained things happen out of the the blue  or perhaps it has to do with the planetary alignment ? 
See yesterday I was watching a video of woman from Connecticut who was dealing withunethical acts that were committed against her and her children by child protective services, Connecticut family Court as well as the children's assigned attorney . In New York the assigned counsel for the child is called a law guardian  in other states it call attorney at lit am . Anyway my point being is that the woman in the video stated that she was told that her medial issues for both her and her children never existed when trying to be treated at a hospital . Suddenly child protect services arrived at the hospital , her children were removed from her care and she was admitted to the psychiatric ward in that same hospital . From that day forward both her and her children have been on spincycle from the havoc caused by the broken system of Child protective services and family court . One lies  then the others go along and before you know it the system takes over robbing  family's emotionally, physically and mentally which keeps the less unfortunate in the system feeding the existence of the broken system . 
What came to mind when I was listening was the lies told by those who work within the system that cause such irreversible damage to children and family's throughout the USA . Someone in the system forms an opinion without any sort of proof  and whatever they say goes. Lies , lies and more lies but the sad part is these people working in the system are protected and they are allowed to carry on cause no one ever takes any sort of action to stop them . Of course its most likely happening to the less fortunate who have no idea what rights have been violated or how to fight what is being done . So, the system feeds off them . 
OK so as I continued  listening I started to think back about the lies that were told during the family court nightmare regarding the custody of my precious grand child who is loved by many and is deprived the love of her mother , grand mother and extended family on both sides . Like I said someone formulates an opinion  which, is not based on fact or the law but on their own personal judgment  then the lies begin only so it can justify why they did what they have done regardless of how much irreversible damage has been done especially to a child .
So what came  to mind in particular was is in 2006 my daughter was required to have psychiatric evaluation for family court . She was interviewed at a county clinic by a therapist/evaluator who made the claim that my daughter is not telling the truth without any sort of proof and out and out  states that she not truthful  in the report .  So ,now whoever sees that statement makes a immediate determination that whatever she says is not of the truth allowing  the system to do whatever it  wants because after all who is going think otherwise?  WOW! Even though my daughter did not have the documents to prove otherwise during the interview the documents were within the family court file all along  but perhaps they were  removed them intentionally?

Anyway my daughter was moving some storage bins around this morning and within one of the bins was old family court documents . I  happen to save all those files .I never know when I might need to prove to someone otherwise ! Low and behold was the following documents,  I scanned the second page of a copy of my daughters psychiatric evaluation and of course blacken out personal data for her protection . The evaluator  makes reference  of the signing off of fathers rights stating that my daughter doesn't seem to be bothered so that fact could be confirmed or dis -confirmed yet the clinic contacts the court and it was found not to be true ! Low and behold also in that bin was a copy of the order that proves otherwise !  Let the lies begin . 
Lets see because My daughter was not bothered therefor it was determined that she might not be truthful so the Evaluator states the fact could be confirmed or dis confirmed ....What ? This is what you call TRANSPARENCY  !  So this person who is making judgement on the further of not only my grand child as well as all of her family  makes such an irrational statement perhaps because that Evaluator didn't think my daughter reacted according to the issue of the father signing off . Ah Ha....... someone from the clinic made contact with the  court it was found not to be true . Who from the clinic made contact .  Wow ....this  is simply unreal ! I am gathering the fact that the document states that this clinic made contact with the court it can be assumed that other than the Evaluator made contact and upon whoever that was determined that fact not to be true . 
It gets better cause at the bottom of the page it states  my daughters intellect is average or above average"by gross estimate"!  Yes my daughter is very smart as a matter of fact in second grade the school tested the children's IQ and she had the second highest IQ in her class . But for the Evaluator to make such a statement regarding her intellect might of caused the Evaluator to  feel intimidated .  I am sure the Evaluator  like most of those in  authority who feels they might be compromised in anyway can be anything else but humble so they react to discredit .
Among that bin were other papers such as orders that showed Mr Military person had been placed on a central registry and was entered within the domestic violence system ! Which , I have to question how he was able to get his non governmental postition, perhaps someone formulated an opinion with out verifying ? 
Anyway so how odd is it that yesterday I watched a video which made me related to the lies that were being told and today my daughter says Ma let me show you what I came across .?
So, I wondering if this is an act of god or is it the planetary alignment that comes to us ?
Stay tuned of course there is more !
Thanks for having a read .


There is an adventure in every day of my life . I will be listing the names of those who I will be writing about just waiting to get a return message from a person holding a political position which will rubber stamp my accusations regarding a Judge along with a couple attorneys 
 Anyway back to the gift card theft . Of course today being my daughters phone visit to my grand child  the call immediately went to voice mail . So the Military Police were sent to the house to make sure the phone was in working order which it was and to check on the safety of my grand child .  Before the military officer went out to the home he called to confirm his instructions .  After the officer went to the home he returned the call stating that my grand child was getting ready for bed so, Mr Military Person will have my grand child return the call to her mother tomorrow . Do you think that is going to happen ? Nah  ...  Come on  Mr Military person has already taken matters into his own hands or maybe the Woman in Question is still very upset for getting caught out there with my grand child's gift card ?  So perhaps its going to be the woman in questions way after all she makes sure she is put herself down as my grand child's mother on any legal documents so no one knows any better that there is a real mother out there !  Lets have full control cause after all she has three young ones of her own which makes a hefty support payment ! Plus the fact that she knows her Military Person is still hung up on the past.  Wonder how it must feel knowing that the person you are with physically is with someone else emotionally . Must be a hard pill to swallow ?
At least  now my grand child knows her mother has been calling for her and was concerned .  
In the meantime other routes have been mapped out in order to avoid the battle zone especially for my grand child's sake . 
Yesterday I watched a video on children that have been placed in foster care which, I will elaborate on in another posting but the woman in the video given the speech  gave statistics about children who are taken from their families and how the system deprives the children what they need the most which is their family As well as she stated that all children want to be is loved ! Well ,I love my grand child with all my heart and it saddens me to know she has been deprived her family as well as other emotional needs. My Grand Child has been deprived contact with both sides of her family for Mr Military Person cut off all ties with his family . I do know that the only contact outside the home my grand child has is those she goes to school with . 
No one ever comes to their home .The other siblings are boys . One being 8 months old  the other two are 6 and 7 which last I knew neither of them go to school . Seems they are not potty trained . Perhaps there is a good  reason no one comes to their home ? 
All these same acts came to light in a Pennsylvania court where the Judge claimed that in all of the 13 years he has been on the bench it was the worst case of Alienation he had ever seen but somehow a old liberal retired Judge determined that the court erred in not given the Military Person a relocation hearing which physical custody awarded. Moreover the relocation was asked for half way through the hearings Suddenly when the Judge started to see what others turned a blind eye to the Military was calling for a reassignment for a non governmental position which happens to be  by application , qualifications, schooling and then transferred according to your pick of the position according to where there is  an opening. However that opening happened to be on a military base no outsiders can have access to .  As was told to the Judge the military is calling and he had to go all part of his military obligation.  I ask... an obligation to who ?
I will have more on that story as well 
Thanks again for having a read 
Stay tuned much more to tell  !

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I have so much to tell you all and really I have no idea where to start off . I would like to continued with the stolen gift card matter but for now I would like to share a little background  to what has lead me to write the letters to the Committee on Judicial Conduct   In which I had complained about the Judges bias's and unethical acts that have lead to all these actions to be committed against not only my grand child , my daughter and myself but has had irreversible effects on  the extended family on both sides . The entire family structure as a whole has been broken by the system . 
I will also talk about attorneys who were appointed by the court to represent my grand child which are " Officers of the Court ", and are very much on the same level of the Judges.  Most of them acquire their position not because they are smart but because they were unable to succeed in a independent practice .  So, what they do is  join the band wagon, go with the flow, receive a hefty paycheck on the tax payers dollar.  However, in essence its basically the same as being on "the dole" with out ever being re-certified  as no one ever checks up on them .  As long as they go with the flow of the system they continue being on the dole with little to no effort . It's considered to be laziness ,stupidity, selfishness and abuse !  They will always be protected by the Judges because they are one in the same . 
I will tell how a Law Guardian from New York made contact with an investigative agency of another state who were investigating abuse allegation reported against his previous client ,  my innocent 
Grand Child .  As well as how that investigator was sold on what the law guardian ie "Officer of the Court" had informed her.  In turn that investigator simply with out further inquiry closed the case and a beware notice was made so that in the event that any other reports  made were not acknowledged even when the school officials made a claim .  Mind you this investigator had talked to someone on the phone who claimed to be the child's law guardian in New York . He wasn't calling in the interest of the child , his prior client he was calling to protect the father and the  judge here in NY who was employed by Social Services prior to becoming a Judge. Who, had many ties as well as that judge knew he had erred and would do what every was in in his power to save his face . 
I will explain how my instincts tell me that even though that same Judge will no longer preside over our cases he still has vengeance which,  it is believed that our  recent incidents were behind the scenes acts by that Judge . 
I will also tell how it was uncovered that a order was created in North Carolina after a Judge who had been temporarily assigned to the original judge's cases here in New York and he himself had  to step down took it upon himself to make contact with that a North Carolina Judge who created the hidden order , The order  even elaborates on the details of the conversation with the New York Judge .
 I will provide all my proofs to back up what I state . 
Thanks for having a read .
Stay tuned !

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Sorry I did not get to chance to do a posting on a further update regarding the gift card theft . 
Yesterday was just one of those days where I happened to get sparked by something I read which, took me in several different directions  . I am on role ! Yes sire y  believe me I am not stopping!
I am right ...right... right  and I am going to prove that I am right ! 
Top of my list is letter to the Committee on Judicial Conduct . In which I predict in my letter that the Committee will answered my complaint  in a couple months time with a one sentence statement telling me the Committee has determined that no wrong doings have been committed . Par for the course regardless if a judge has acted outside of his or her Judicial Capacity nothing will ever be done . However , I will elaborate in another posting why that is so  . Perhaps there will be a few that will be in for a bit of embarrassment to say the least  .
2015 has to be a year of reform .  I've decided to take a different route this year simply because the system is broken and in order  for me to fix what has been done is to go elsewhere .
What amazes me is I get a pat on the back when I am not dealing with those who are inexplicably intertwined .i ! 
Hopefully I will have new posting later in the day 

Monday, January 5, 2015


I am back , tonight again no answer for my grand child goes straight to voice mail ! Its  par for the course when you got those who think that they can take matters into their own hands . Doesn't work that way!
I have attached the proof of purchase for the gift card and the delivery conformation number which proves the card had been delivered to the Jacksonville NC  post office box on the 31st of Oct . 
When the Military Person said he was not in receipt of the gift card my daughter and I  went to my local Walmart  #2262 where the card was purchased in which they were able to tell us  the status of the gift card . At that time  is when we found that the card had been used and the remaining balance on the card was $0  We were also given a print out showing the Walmart store code of where the gift card happened to be redeemed at which was store# 3864   . Low and behold look what comes up for store# 3864  Jacksonville NC Walmart Supercenter Store ! Ironically  just happens to be that Jacksonville NC is where the gift card had been sent to .
Knowing that the card had been sent to a military post office we were sure that the card had been received  but we had to go through all the channels first . As I had already said in my previous post that Walmart investigators were able to pull the videos that depicted the person who stole the card and used the card . However,  when the Woman in question was described we were pretty sure of who it was but the video and pictures  had to be handed over to the postal inspectors for them to verify it was not an employee of the USPS . From there the picture was sent for us to  see if we were able to identify the Woman in question which we have done so . Now the issue is to weed out the glitch between the Military Police and the Jacksonville Police department . It has been established a crime has been committed so as soon as we can get things straighten out between the police forces an action will be taken . If we have to file a civilian action for the charge to made we will do so as well as possibly file a law suit on behalf of my grand child for the damages that have been committed against her through this ordeal  . Mind you this woman in question has no legal rights to my grand child . 

 Below ,top left  side  is the Walmart receipt showing  the status of the $50 gift card that was purchased at store #2262  Oneonta NY Walmart on 10/28/14  and on 11/3/14 at 18:00 hours (6pm) the gift card was used at store #3864 the balance was Zero on that date 
Below that receipt is the USPS Tracking number of which that gift card was with in a gift box along with other items for my grand child   I have also included a copy of the print out that shows the package had been delivered  on 10/31/14 
On the right side  is the original receipt for the gift card purchased showing the store # 2262 and the account number that matched the receipt on the top left side . 

So there you have it  
Will update you on any further happenings  and will be providing correspondence  that proves the under-mindedness  and abuse that has been endured .

Saturday, January 3, 2015


OK so there is still no phone contact with my grand child . More psychological abuse for the child because of someone getting caught out there ! 
 After the Agent on base investigating the report of the stolen gift card sent to my grand child got the bright idea he was going to have a chat or a "Pow Wow" with the Military Member  it was reported to him that the person in question was scrapping with my grand child and they must of used the gift card for the material to do the scrapping .  NO GO BUDDY
Remember that the Military Member said he did not receive the gift card and that the mother must of never sent it making the child  believe she was being lied to !  So, how is it now there seems to a different story told to the Agent when being questioned ? Perhaps either the Military Member is playing dumb or he has no idea that a second card was sent with added security so that second card could not be claimed as not being received 
I always say , the reason they call convicts ,convicts is because they CON YOU !
As Abraham Lincoln once said   "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time".
Sooner or later you get caught out there !

Here is a picture of the person in question at the check out line in Walmart using the gift card sent to my grandchild  .

  Please note there is woman and two young children standing near by which according to the investigators those two young children plus an infant is in the cart behind the woman in question entered the store with her and none of the children depict my grand child . So, seeing that its claimed that this woman in question parked in the outer lot so that the security cameras were not able to pick up the license plate of the vehicle in which this woman in questioned parked the vehicle she drove to the store in ,  it's odd that a woman with three young children would park so far away , but I have to ask where is my grand child ? Was the car parked there for intentional reasons ? Wow 

So please also note  the items being bought with the gift card are laundry detergent ,coke
ect .....  I don't know much about scraping but who uses those items for scrapping ? 

More of the Saga to continue  ....!  There are more details to follow . 


Sorry I did not continue where I left off as I said I would .These last couple days I had to take time to myself to have  a long think . However being that it was  holiday time which, I have never really enjoyed I just try to carry on as if it was any other time of the year so, needless to say my thinking took me elsewhere . For those who don't know me personally due to circumstances beyond my control these last couple years  I pretty much stay to myself .  So having lots of time to myself I have alot of time to think and that is exactly what I do" THINK"  as well as read and listen to talk radio. 
However through all my time to think  I have come to realize that I have the ability to read into what people are all about which is an ability I have always had but now more than ever I realize my  true ability to do so  .As the Brits would say I have people sussed out or I am spot on! Unfortunately, for the most part when people are sussed out they are never humble ,they often get vengeful and start the war of retaliation . Most attack with words at first and often react without thinking but  god for bid you suss out those who  have any kind of position of authority those are the ones who take retaliation to a whole other level . I found that most who hold any kind of position of authority didn't get there cause they were smart they got there cause talked the talk and in general are lazy  as well as they fear any kind of threat to their status.  
Unfortunately in general  most people don't care until the wrongs  affects them  .  
I have found that the many people I  have come in contact with are intrigued  with what  has and continues to go on in my life and are interested in what I have to say . There are many who find what I say to be humorous  and seem to remember what I said to them for the happenings in my life are so bizarre they just can not father anything like what I share with them to happen in real life . 
 I have to admit that I am better talker then I am writer. English was never my better subject so I often depended on others to correct my errors   I often find it hard to get my point across in my writings so I am thinking about doing short videos along with this blog .
I have been wanting to do a ongoing blog for sometime now for I feel its the only way to let people know the truths of the wrongs that have been committed not only against me but those who are close to me . Perhaps I can reach to others and vice verse . Maybe somehow I can make a difference whatever that may be . Moreover,  since the unfortunate happenings of  Eric Garner case in NYC I feel stronger now than ever to get the word out there .  Reform in the Justice System  needs to take place somehow and someway .
One last thing  I have to say for sure is I never put anything in writing I can not  back up !
So for now I will continue where I left off on my last blog .......