Saturday, August 29, 2015

Luv it when there are those who have all the answers to life!

My dear old friend Armond Ricco use to say to me in life you need a strong foundation no matter what you do in life  . How true that is  , if you don't have any one to lead by example (a strong foundation) especially in parenting skills I guess the next best thing is to make sh*t up in your head but eventually there will come a time in your life where there will  be a reality check and maybe then you will realize the answers you thought were right were only your delusions of real life ! Then maybe the bubble will burst and you will have a  totally different  view of what life is all about .
Alice Walker the author of The Color Purple said in an interview one of the hardest things in life she had to deal with is a loss of a child other than by death for death you have accept .
I don't wish a loss of  child on anyone but when there is a loss of  a child from someone's bitterness to life that something one should never have to accept   Its called CHILD ABUSE !

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