Thursday, December 25, 2014

Theft of my grand daughters gift card ....

A gift card was sent in a package to my grand daughter .Knowing the package was coming she was all excited, but somehow the package went missing even though the PO confirmed delivery . My little angle was so upset as she had been told it was a lie ,no card was ever sent  . Nice right ?  Its called mental abuse! However, seeing how upset my grand daughter was rather than to wait to find out what happened to the original card another card& package was sent with added security  .In the interim of time it was uncovered that the gift card was cashed several days after the confirmed arrival of the original package  .Video's were pulled by the US Postal Inspectors and the store security personnel . A description was given of the person in question , which was a woman with several young children one being an infant . Who, however parked the vehicle she was driving in outer parking  lot of the store making it difficult for the camera to pick up the image of the license plate for identity purposes . Prior to trying to uncover the license plate number store security had gone in another direction and was able to pull up the video of that person in question by the items the woman bought using the gift card, items such as" Tide" laundry supplies & Coke . At that point investigators were able to give a description which there was a 99% probability of who that person was by the description alone  but the identity needed to be 100% in order for the matter to be taken further . So, a still picture of the woman with the young children she arrived with was taken from the store security camera depicting the woman paying for items with my grand daughters gift card . That picture was forwarded by the investigators in which identity was confirmed . Local police were informed so that criminal charges could be brought but it seems that because the gift card was taken from US Military grounds therefore US Military Police had to first bring the theft charges and then the local police could then take whatever charges need be from there to criminal court . Now get this , because the woman is married to a person in the US Military and resides on US Military Grounds the Military Police (AKA Military Agent) claimed that  the woman is protected by marital laws of that state as well as the Military . Ok.... so when  that Military Agent decided no crime could be charged the Agent then went  a step further to have a" Pow Wow "with the US Military Member who, claimed to be humiliated as his own people now see him in a negative light !
What happens next !  Phone contact with my Grand Child is cut off . My daughter received  a E-Mail stating  that because there was an attempt to bring shame to them by getting the police involved all contact has been cut off in the best interest of the child . It was claimed that my grand daughter was so upset by what was done she is now threatening to kill herself  . No Court order, just punish the child and whoever else as you see fit because you are a member of  the US Military and the courts will honor whatever you see fit to do regardless if the child is suffering  by your actions !
Because there has been no contact and there is great concern for my Grand -Child who is on a military base which no outsiders can have access to , other actions are being taken but in the meantime a welfare check was done by military police . However, tonight when my daughter tried called for my grand daughter for Christmas   "the woman in question" answered stating "don't ever call my house again this is harassment "! she then put the phone down . Please hold that thought !  I am not done writing .....Posting and submitting my proofs .