Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jeff Bowie & Nephew might be another Bates ! read links

What the area people might not be aware of is that the Delaware County Sheriff might just have another Officer BATES working for them ! Seeing that Derek Bowie's Uncle, Jeff Bowie had worked for many years without qualification as well as through information and belief has never passed the required civil service exam But however now after being recently informed by a top reliable source that county personnel over road Jeff Bowie's failed requirements and promoted him to Director of Investigation with Delaware County DA's Office so that leaves the question of what the county will do when they find out Bowie's nephew lacks quantification ?

For those of you who don't know the story behind Officer Bates here is a link to his story  !

Independence of Representation in Court and Judicial Accountability in the United States: A petition for a writ of prohibition against Judge...: Upon my information, a writ of prohibition was filed by Barbara O'Sullivan in the NYS Supreme Court, Appellate Division 3rd Judicial Dep...

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