Saturday, August 29, 2015

Luv it when there are those who have all the answers to life!

My dear old friend Armond Ricco use to say to me in life you need a strong foundation no matter what you do in life  . How true that is  , if you don't have any one to lead by example (a strong foundation) especially in parenting skills I guess the next best thing is to make sh*t up in your head but eventually there will come a time in your life where there will  be a reality check and maybe then you will realize the answers you thought were right were only your delusions of real life ! Then maybe the bubble will burst and you will have a  totally different  view of what life is all about .
Alice Walker the author of The Color Purple said in an interview one of the hardest things in life she had to deal with is a loss of a child other than by death for death you have accept .
I don't wish a loss of  child on anyone but when there is a loss of  a child from someone's bitterness to life that something one should never have to accept   Its called CHILD ABUSE !


Judge Lambert & DA Northrup have demonstrated "BIAS" towards me & even with proven conflicts of interests BOTH still think they are above the Law ! like I was told in court when I asked for an extension of time to retain counsel Judge Lambert knew of the conflicts regarding  Judge Becker who stepped down from presiding over our cases after the fact & might of had to step down off the bench for reasons we might not ever know but Judge Lambert's reply was oh I know of them 

The link below show you more insight to what is going on  !

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jeff Bowie & Nephew might be another Bates ! read links

What the area people might not be aware of is that the Delaware County Sheriff might just have another Officer BATES working for them ! Seeing that Derek Bowie's Uncle, Jeff Bowie had worked for many years without qualification as well as through information and belief has never passed the required civil service exam But however now after being recently informed by a top reliable source that county personnel over road Jeff Bowie's failed requirements and promoted him to Director of Investigation with Delaware County DA's Office so that leaves the question of what the county will do when they find out Bowie's nephew lacks quantification ?

For those of you who don't know the story behind Officer Bates here is a link to his story  !

Independence of Representation in Court and Judicial Accountability in the United States: A petition for a writ of prohibition against Judge...: Upon my information, a writ of prohibition was filed by Barbara O'Sullivan in the NYS Supreme Court, Appellate Division 3rd Judicial Dep...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mr Marine has Mother -in -law listed for his emergency contact in relocation orders !

So its going on almost a year now since neither my daughter or I have seen my grand daughter !
Her father  Mr Marine who has taken matters into his own hands by once again cutting off all communication  However,  Mr Marine has filed filed many many petitions in multiple jurisdictions apparently over a year go one of his many filings in a NC court was relocate Moreover, it seems just before the school year was to end suddenly his so called orders came through but whats even better was  that the court held a hearing where only Mr Marine was present and he was given permission to relocate with no relocation orders!  Now after the fact the orders has been presented and for some reason those orders give Mr Marine a couple days to report to his non commissioned duty station in Ohio and his Mother -In -law  is listed as his emergency contact !   Wow! So lets try to analysis this,  some one that Mr Marine claims as his mother in law which is a complete stranger to my daughter will be contacted if Mr Marine has an emergency . What ? So there are two questions  to be asked here Where is my grand child and why isn't my daughter listed as emergency contact  as well in case something happens to Mr Marine  and not just some stranger ? After all my daughter is the mother of her child who has full rights to her child  which, only confirms that Mr Marine does not either have a  valid family care plan as mandated under military law that would have my daughters information listed or he has failed to inform his command of my grand child's mothers information .
This Marine has gone beyond !
Of course now after the fact a Post office Box is sent as my grand child's address and the phone number that is given goes right to voice mail  !    NICE !!      
Nah there is no contempt what so ever  !  

Keep the peps there more to come !

There are those who think about it & there are those who do it !

Now that my blog Count down to Becker has ended and Becker is no longer presiding  I have had several people make personal comments that they enjoyed reading my daily postings . Some made jokes at first then patted me on the back for my postings as in the end it seemed to be a relief for those who refrained from speaking out .  Unfortunately the actions of Becker were irreversible for many and there were many who hide behind Becker in fear or acted on his behalf . I am just wondering what those same people will do now ?
Today when I went with my daughter to serve papers to DA's office I happened to notice there were was a truck and a car parked in two of the judges reserved parking spaces  but there were no judges today as I was told  but then again I was observing the parking spaces after 3pm   It appeared that the Black Truck parked in the first reserved space closest to the entrance belonged to one of the Court Officers and the car in the other reserved space had rims filled with matted dirt like it had been driven on a dirt road many times with out anyone taken the time to ever clean the dirt out . I believe that car belonged to Lauren Clarke , So maybe now that Becker is not around to give flowers or whatever else he rewarded those who were enslaved to him maybe all the dirt  that has been stored up will be revealed especially for the sake of those poor rims ! As most know that its the law clerk of the Judge does the majority of research and is responsible for putting such decisions together
So the main objective now is to get the word out to those who are voting in Novembers Election for often a Judge is as good as his or hers help and make sure there is not a repeat of the Becker era

I often say there are those who think about it and those who do it . For my Peps the question is which one are you ?     I can tell you that I am both  !    For its people like me who want to make change and will make change !  I will do it for my Daughter and my Grand Baby Estella who I love more than anything in this world .  Together forever xx     I am sorry for those who go through life never knowing what bonding is especially between a mother, daughter and grand baby that no matter what happens that bond will be there for life !


Thursday, July 30, 2015

A moment of silence will be taken at 11:11 am

I will be taking a moment of silence today at 11:11 am to thank the guardian above for granting the vision of light for the many of us who experienced such darkness from the Chosen One acts of pure evilness .

                        For where there is darkness that shall be light !  Amen

No fees , NO filing , No Service , No Answer by Frank Miller yet court rules for him !

A few days ago I received the letter below from the Law Firm of Frank Miller Esq where it appears that a staff member Kathleen O'Neill, wrote the letter on behalf of staff attorney William Hathaway notifying all of their victory in the O'Sullivan V Bowie case 911-2014 .
Originally I won this case on default after three notices and failure to appear the court granted a default judgement  Through the undermined ways of Frank Miller Esq who is paid by the County Of Delaware not only are filing fees waived regardless of the fact but it seems that Frank Millers crew does not have to properly serve nor do they have to file their supporting papers   So I assume that this letter is an undermined attempt of a Notice of Entry!  Moreover mind you Frank Miller Law Firm is a seasoned firm that has had many dealings in Delaware County so, they know exactly what they are doing!   If this is a  Notice of Entry it does not comply under CPLR especially knowing that last I knew Sharron O'Dell was the Delaware County Clerk !
As of yesterday the court index to this case states that the last filing was on July 10th  by the court which a COPY  ( mind you a copy )of Derek Bowie's affidavit & exhibits for an apparent motion filed back in January   Below is the index 
 On  May 21 2015  I filed a motion to dismiss after I had not been served properly in which a hearing was held on February 11th 2015  & a dismissal of the default judgement was granted   Index reflex's that on June 16th 2015 I filed my affidavit of service on Miller Law firm   However I received a letter dated June 8th 
along with a package containing one big mess which it claimed to have been an answer to my motion yet still nothing  has been filed as of yesterday !Among the mess of papers I received with no way to verify what was actually was filed below I have attached one of the exhibits from Kathleen O'Neill that was contained among the mess 
It appears that a co counsel at the Law firm by the name of  Christopher Militello notarized 
Kathleen O'Neills affidavit of service before Frank Miller Law Firm gave any type of notice in this case! This is just one of the many excusable errors by this law firm but it seems they don't have any filing fees nor do they have to file supporting papers but the court grants them whatever . Just wondering how much all these errors are going to cost the taxpayers in the long run ????

No fees are paid , No proper filings are made , NO proper service , NO answers filed  ,Rulings are made in their favor and No Notice of Entry denying me my right to appeal  !

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker ; In 1 when all done a revelation will have begun !

                                                                                1 Day

      In one when Becker is all done there shall be hopes that a new revelation will have begun !

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker ; in 2 no more issues to misconstrue !

                                                                        2 Days

In two it has been long overdo but there will be no more issues for the Mean Machine misconstrue !

Monday, July 27, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker : In 3 key is given to appointee to create new greenery

                                                                          3 Days

       In three the key will be given to the Mean Machines appointee to create new greenery !

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker : in 4 no more roar on the trial floor !

                                                                           4 Days 

                  In four  there will be no more roar from the Mean Machine on the trial floor !

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker ; In 5 no more to contrive that deprives lives !

                                                                           5 Days

   In five there will be no more for the Mean Machine to contrive that deprives lives !

Friday, July 24, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker ; In 6 no more conflicts to inflict upon cynics !

                                                                  6 Days

           In Six there will be no more conflicts for the Mean Machine to inflict upon his cynics !

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker ;in 7 a blessing from heaven

                                                                           7 Days

  A blessing from heaven in seven as the redden face of the Mean Machine will no longer be a site

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker; 8 no more testing the hands of fate when irate

                                                                              8 Days

             In eight no more fear of the Mean Machine becoming irate that dealt the hand of fate

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker ; In 9 the 18B line will be reassigned

                                                                            9 Days

                In nine the 18 B line will be reassigned for the Mean Machines divine !

Monday, July 20, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker: Amen in 10 no more sent to Pen

                                                                10 Day

 Say Amen in Ten for the Mean Machine will no longer be sending anyone to the pen !

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker ; 11 -7th Heaven & no longer in Supreme

                                                                        11 Days


         Seventh heaven in Eleven for the Mean Machine will no longer be in Supreme !

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Visit to "Rubberband Man" caused delay of yesterdays posting

For all those Peps waiting and watching to seek whatever information about me via my postings I just want to let all those know that yesterdays delay in posting the daily count down was due to my visit to the  "Rubberband Man" .  When my vision became clouded from all that has and continues to be uncovered , the purpose of the visit was to receive cleansing of my vision from drops of holiness administer into my pupils allowing me to view that of the darkness as the light of the future .

                         "Where there is darkness there shall be light"] !   Amen

                          Stay Strong Estella , Nona loves you with all her heart X

Re:Count down to Becker ; 12 the shelve will not gleam of regime

                                                                      12 Days

          In twelve the shelve of the Mean Machine will not longer gleam of his regime !

Re:Count down to Becker : 13 & no more SOVEREIGNTY ( yesterdays late posting!)

                                                        13 Days

                               No more Sovereignty for the Mean Machine in thirteen !

Friday, July 17, 2015

No idea the whereabouts of my Grand Child &Father Marine Recruiter - THX Kushner !

As I am sure you are all aware of the massacre of the 4 recruiting marines in Tennessee , My daughter and I have been battling the family courts for a long time Back in 2008 a Family Court Judge by the Name of Carl F Becker gave custody of my grand daughter  to her father with out doing a background checks , at the time father was a Marine reservist. Last we knew father had a recruiting position in NC !Almost a year has gone by and neither my daughter or I have been able know the where a bouts of my grand daughter.   All communication ceased after the Marines new wife got caught on camera stealing   It seems that he was able to relocate by a NC Court with out notice to my daughter as well submission of his relocation orders so,for all we know the father might be among those four marines !
 For years I have tired make the courts aware that a single parent marine can not have custody and there must be a family care plan in place for his dependents . Those issues have been completely over looked and I was considered to a throne in the side of the courts . Simply because I was right and it reflexes badly on those who failed to do their jobs properly .
In 2013 a Montgomery County PA Judge by the name of Stephen Barrett gave my daughter back full custody and  his findings of facts were the opposite to the NY findings , However there was an appeal in PA which  father was awarded back custody on a technical error With out our knowledge father removed child from a Albany School which was a against NY Dept of Ed policy , Case was put in front of Sue Kushner as you know her husband represents NY teachers union NYSTU  besides that conflict which was later  found out she has multiple friends on FB that that were involved in the family court case . However all that the father did was over looked by  no only Sue Kushner but people like lisa Gordon and Nancy Stroud  Moreover Judge Walsh did the right thing and gave a order according to what was  my daughters right was to her child So now we wait to see if  the father is among those Marines and pray that my grand daughter is safe !

Stay tuned I will go into more  detail in a future posting

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker ; 14 no more to be demean .

                                                                       14 DAYS 

                              No more to be demean by the Mean Machine in fourteen !

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker ; 15 & in serene from unforeseen

                                                                   15 DAYS

                  All who dealt with the unforeseen from the Mean Machine can be in serene in fifteen !

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker : 16 not keen no longer on the scene

                                                                           16 Days 

                        Those not keen on the Mean Machine  in sixteen he'll no longer be on the scene !

Monday, July 13, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker ;17 no more steam for court to convene

                                                                  17 Days

      No more steam from the Mean Machine in seventeen ,his court will no longer be able to convene 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Re : Count down to Becker : 18 & No Longer have to be in Quarantine

                                                             18 Days  
  In Eighteen those who feared the Mean Machine no longer have to be in quarantine !

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker:19 &No more fear of the Mean Machine !

                                                                 19 DAYS 

      Nineteen days left for those to have no more fear of the Mean Machine!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Re:Count down to Becker ; 20 Serenity in twenty

                                                                      20 Days 

        In twenty there will be those who have hopes of serenity when Becker is no longer presiding !

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Re Count down to Becker : 21 & all will be said and done

                                                                        21 Days


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Re Count down to Becker : 23 to be free of his ideology !

                                                                23 Days

           Twenty three days for those to be free of Injustice Becker's crazy ideology !

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker : 24 Days to wait !

                                                                     24 Days

Twenty four days to wait for Injustice Becker to leave the State 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker :25 days & no more will be deprived !

                                                              25 Days 

                     Twenty five and  Injustice Becker will have no more to deprive !

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Re: Count down to Becker , 26 No more for Fritz to restrict

                                                                                26 Days 

           In Twenty Six there will be no more for Fritz to restrict !

Friday, July 3, 2015

Re: Count Down to Becker 28 & no longer with the State !

                                                                               28 DAYS  

                         Twenty eight days till Injustice Becker is no longer with the State !

Wednesday, July 1, 2015



                                                                               30 DAYS


Friday, April 10, 2015


Ok People  its getting better and better all the time . So as I told you in my prior blog that Stacey Johansen Judge Lambert  secretary, who was curt to me when I made an inquiry into a motion that according to E-Courts was decided on 25-March 2015

WebCivil Supreme - Motion Detail
Court:   Delaware Civil Supreme
Index Number:   000911/2014
Case Type:   Other
Track:   Standard
Motion Information:
Relief SoughtSubmit
Signed Date
002 DEF Osc-Vacate Default Judgment No Decided: 25-MAR-15
Before Justice: LAMBERT 
001 PLAINT Default Answer By Defendant, J No Open:

Before Justice: LAMBERT 

  Seems that Stacey was being inconvenienced by me as she was too busy to answer any of my question nor would she take a second out of her time to look up the decision  telling me I will just have to wait   Funny cause Stacey could not remember what the decision said . How odd is this ?
Today a Letter was received in the county Clerks office by Old Frankie Boy , Mr Frank Miller Dated the 7th of April instructing the clerk to file the order by Judge Lambert that E-Courts claimed had been decided on 25 March 15

Now April 7th happened to be the date in which I made my inquiry to Stacey Johansen When I questioned her about what Clerk she had talked to she stated Oh MY GOD I already told you, I sent it to the Attorney ! Stacey did tell me that after she had told me she already told the clerk  What Clerk ?  Stacey sure did send decision to the  Attorney and he  just happened send a letter to the clerk on that very same day !
OK so now  Frankie is filing the order by Judge Lambert except for the order is not decided on
25 March 15  is signed on 27 February 2015  in Delhi NY  to say the least :)

Now, what is even better is in my last blog I mention the double filings of the Under- Sheriff and  Ryan Adams  After Ecourts stated Missi  which  I was confused by what that meant However, according to Kelly the Supreme court clerk  said that Frankie Boy did not file his original papers  and  she knew the papers have been filed since  . Apparently  Missi was a their code for missing papers 
Take a look at what Judge Lambert makes reference to  OMG!

Of course I showed you that there was a copy of Ryan Adams Statement to the court notarized in January but   a second one as submitted by the Sheriff Department on the 19th of February with a notarized date of  the 9th of February 2015 

Stay tuned for more on this update 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


OK People , I have an update on the motion that was decided  by Judge Lambert on 25 March 15 in  the OSullivan V Bowie civil action . I had posted a copy of the E-Courts summary of the case in my last blog and was puzzled by the entry as it did not say whether or not the motion was granted .
So on Monday I went to the county clerks office to see what was filed on the computer and of course nothing as of yet . So I spoke with the Supreme Court Clerk by the name of Kelly who told me that the decision had not come down from Judges Chambers as of yet seeing that Judge Lambert is out of Otsego County his Secretary usually sends all the filings down on Fridays . So seeing that a couple Fridays have passed since the 25th and nothing had been filed I asked Kelly to make an inquiry for me and she told me that Judge Lambert 's Secretary was not in for today so she would send her an email . I told Kelly not to worry because I would call tomorrow . In the meantime I had asked Kelly  about the entry that I was confused about  she said oh that is our notes  It seems that Mr Frank Miller the seasoned do whatever he wants attorney did not file his notice of appearance NOA and better than that he did not file the original papers . Wow !  Really ? So now we have the courts instructing seasoned attorney's what they need to do . Ok so, It seems that I will not know if or when the originals were filed but I can tell you this . On February 19th 2015 after the motion hearing  where Judge Lambert granted Mr Miller his motion to vacate Bowie/s default judgement's the Delaware County Sheriff Department filed filings on behalf of themselves and Ryan Adams that is completely against the norm  I said how odd but I figured out why this was done  that is  the originals had not been filed  but Judge Lambert proceeded anyway  Look what they did   , below is parts of the filing by Frank Miller on January 26th and blow that are the filings by the Sheriff Department  on February 19th

So it seems that the Delaware County Sheriff filed new originals that was not  in the the filing on Jan 26th   Who does stuff like this ?   

This is happening because no one ever questions why anyone does anything against procedure in Delaware County  but when I bring this to the attention of the court I will be looked upon as a trouble maker !  How Dare you !

This afternoon I called Judge Lambert s office and  Secretary Stacey Johansen answered the phone who was very curt  Seems she had a decision to get typed and I was bothering her . Making statements like Oh my god I just told you   NO I am not going that I don't have time  ! I simply asked her if the decision was granted and around and around I went  . Then she wanted to know what urgency was and I told her that I had a right to know as E courts doesn't state whether or not it was granted  Well you will just have to wait I am  busy  !  Ok so when you call on a Monday no one is there to answer your call but when you call on Tuesday you are  bothering Stacey because she is busy  My mother always said you are as good as your help  and that is the likes of  what Judge Lambert allows to represent his office  Wow ! What a nice professional secretary Stacey is !. One thing I can say about Kelly the Supreme Court Clerk of Delaware  County she is always on the level . 
So now I had a second look at E-Courts  
WebCivil Supreme - Motion Detail
Court:   Delaware Civil Supreme
Index Number:   000911/2014
Case Type:   Other
Track:   Standard
Motion Information:
Relief SoughtSubmit
Signed Date
002  DEF Osc-Vacate Default Judgment  No Decided: 25-MAR-15
SIGNED 1/26/SENT 1/29, FILED 1
Before Justice: LAMBERT 
001  PLAINT Default Answer By Defendant, J  No Open:

Before Justice: LAMBERT 
it seems the caption has been changed !.Wonder why ?   
Stay tuned there will  be more 

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Ok people for all those who have been following my life events on my blog it seems that during this Blood Moon phase which is a rare event that is happening during both the Christian celebration of Easter and the Jewish celebration of Passover I have been gifted with some real eye opening facts that throw a curve ball to the Saga of my recent life events .
Most of you all know that On September 18th 2014  I was charged with Assault 2nd  by the Delaware County Sheriff after a prior chain of events that lead to Officer Derek Bowie over week later to return to my home late at night having several officers surround my home as if as though I was a fugitive from justice . It was claimed that I released  my vicious dog onto Officer Bowie which he claimed he was bit  and that I prevented the course of justice by releasing the dog so that a warrant of arrest for me could not be executed .
I was arraigned  in Delaware County Court on  Jan 20th 2015 in front of Judge John F Lambert on a one count indictment of Assault 2nd . Some how the Warrant that Bowie had   which lead him and his cronies to surround my house on the night I was charged with releasing the vicious dog no longer exists . During my arraignment 4 months after the incident  on the arrest  that hit the papers with various heading such as  Delhi Mom  unleashes" PitBull"  type dog  or Delhi Mom accused of letting dog attack deputy  sending me to Jail on 10 k bail  I had waived my right to counsel for that the arraignment so that I could know exactly what I was being charged with . Judge asked me a series of questions such as do I have relatives in the area and I said yes  Judge asked who  are they so I told him  ,  Judge Lambert then made me aware that he was from Ostego County and did not know who my relatives were  . So needless to say I said to the Judge I know who you are cause you are on m civil case . Oddly enough shorty after that the Delaware County Insurance Company attorney by the name of Frank Miller filed a motion to vacate a default Judgement I obtained after I filed  civil action against Officer Bowie for assaulting me when he originally came to my house on Sept 5th 2014 .  On February 11th 2015  a hearing was held on the motion to vacate the default judgement in which I was not present and rightfully so . It appears from the  minutes of that hearing that Judge Lambert was honored to meet Frank Miller  and granted Miller his motion against Judge Lambert s very same order to show cause .
 Now in the meantime I returned on the 2nd of March for my continued court case  on the assault charges again in front of Judge Lambert  . However, when Mr Miller filed his motion on behalf of Bowie to vacate the default judgment they included reports from my criminal case that had no bearing what so ever on the civil case but this opened an array of issues  When I returned in front of Judge Lambert on the criminal matter I requested for an extension of time to retain counsel  DENIED!  I was told that the civil matter had nothing to do with the Criminal matter which is true but the statements  that were submitted in the Civil matter  where from the criminal charges which made matters even more complicated because of what they contained . I was not only DENIED  an extension of time to retain counsel I was given exactly 4 days to submit an Omnibus motion which for those who don't know about criminal proceedings that is a very important motion that is needed for discovery . Judge Lambert stated that he was denying my request for extension of time because he hears that all the time that a Pro Se litigant is going to retain counsel and they never do  DENIED
So Low and Behold on my return Date of the 26th of March I returned with Counsel   Prior to my return date the DA sent me two CDS which were the videos of the dash cam from the police cars the night in question for the warrant and the assault charges . However my Omnibus Motion was 6 pages and I asked for numerous things such as hospital reports , pictures , the dog ect.....    Only thing provided was the 2 dash came CDS
Ok so back in January I had filed a motion to dismiss my indictment on the criminal matter , I was told on My March 2nd  appearance I would receive a answer to that motion  within two weeks . Ironically the answer was given to my retained counsel  on the 26th and filed same day . Just yesterday my counsel received a copy of the hospital report from Officer Bowie s Dog bite injury   That's another issue in its self .   OH BOY  OH BOY  ,,,,,,,,  Just wonder why the  hospital report was not readily available for me when I asked for it in my motion  OK so now I have proved otherwise to Judge Lambert that I have retained counsel .
 Now back to my civil matter . I check every day on E-courts to see if there is an update  Seems when I checked today there is a filing that states the motion to vacate the default judgement has been decided

WebCivil Supreme - Motion Detail
Court:   Delaware Civil Supreme
Index Number:   000911/2014
Case Type:   Other
Track:   Standard
Motion Information:
Relief SoughtSubmit
Signed Date
002 DEF Osc-Vacate Default Judgment No Decided: 25-MAR-15
Before Justice: LAMBERT 
001 PLAINT Default Answer By Defendant, J No Open:

Before Justice: LAMBERT 

I have no idea what is meant by what is written in the highlighted caption   Counsl to submit NOA ?   Notice of Appearance ?  You mean the Mr Frank Miller Subsequently failed to file a notice of appearance   Who realized that ? AND  Missi  I assume something is missing  . Ok so the motion was decided How ? Was it granted  or rejected after the fact ???
In the minutes of the hearing where Frank Miller famous word is "Subsequently:   he claims that he does not  think there has been any prejudice against me .
Subsequently Mr Miller I think you are wrong ! First off you need to get your facts straight

OK so Judge Lambert told me that the civil matter had nothing to do with my criminal matter  but according to Mr Miller he says that the two are related and Judge Lambert grants him his motion to vacate the default judgment .  Miller's got me indicted on two charges last I knew it was one .But anyway Miller states  because Bowie was served by the civil department of the sheriffs department  the sheriffs department did not know  LOL  Brilliant reasoning  !  
Have a look at how Lambert awards him the motion 
Meritorious defense !   Yah !.......I  did not know so I did not tell anyone but it came through the sheriff department but no one knew  So,Mr Frank Miller came to the rescue ,  never paying the filing fee  and doing  as well as  saying what ever subsequently he wants !    GRANTED    !
Nice Meeting you  !  
All at the taxpayers expense and nothing prejudiced against me at all  ! NONE !!

Stayed tuned on the update of what the dash cam reveals  and the wonderful choice of name calling for both my Daughter and I   by  The  Delaware County Sheriff  Department  ,  Professionalism at the HIGHEST  EXTENT  That being :
                     ....           Deputy T  Haqq 
                                    Deputy  Derek Bowie 
                                    Deputy Eric Alexander 
                             Sgt / Detective / K9 Officer / Deputy Demeo    Yah Yah  the finest of them all  !   
Aided by  Dog Warden  Allen Alwine  executing extreme forced both verbally and physically 
Delhi EMS finest  Timothy Murray and his wife 911 Dispatcher Michelle Murray  , ignoramuses at the fullest extent ...........

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Ok people I have a follow up on the issues I wrote about in my blog dated March 15th as well March 20th  2015  .  I now have so much to write about I do not know where to begin .
First off as you already know on Wednesdays my daughter Alecia has a court order of visitation with my grand child via the phone at the set time of 7pm  Of course low and behold like any other Wednesday since the end of November when the call is placed a voice message comes on stating the number she has dialed is unable to accept her call at this time ..... blah blah blah .
It does not matter what ever Mr Marine wants to do he does regardless of the damage it is doing to my grand child its all ok  !
  Like the Montgomery County Pa Judge Barrett stated Adams does not listen Judges He just simply takes matters into his own hands !
Ok, so today my daughter picked up her mail . Low and behold there are more filings by Mr Marine This time he has withdrawn a few of the many motions he had been filing in North Carolina even before jurisdiction had been accept in North Carolina .
So have a look people !

Did you happen to notice exactly why Adams is withdrawing his petition  ?

WOW.......... WOW and WOW !

Oh... oh... oh...  Ok ! So ,lets see  15 Jan 2014 a motion was filed ! Now. mind you an order dated September 30th  2014  which was Judge Jones of Onslow County NC  had a conversation with NY Judge  Revoir via the phone at that time jurisdiction was accepted in NC  so, I believe that any motion that was filed on 15 Jan 2014 or before September 30th  By Adams was filed before jurisdiction was accepted in NC   This if a fine example of what I had been saying right along about Adams filing in multiple jurisdictions which is  not only abuse of process but his way of manipulating the courts  and  its all simply ok ! 

Then he goes on to say that there will be no time for order that NC  court, could put in due to a RELOCATION BY THE MILITARY ON PLAINTIFF  NEW STATE WOULD HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO PUT VISITATION IN PLACE 

And what new state might that be ? 

And what relocation by the military  ?   

As stated in my March 20TH blog 

Superior Court of PA issued an opinion in which the court agreed with Adams claim in his appeal that he was denied his petition to relocate under the mandatory provisions of
 23 Pa C.S.A. 5337 asking whether the court erred and abused its discretion. 

Whats wrong with this picture  ? 

There is lots more to write about and I  will be continuing  with my writings but for now you can all see what exactly I have been saying right along

Where is my grand child  ?

While all are celebrating Easter and Passover I will be continuing to fight for the wrongs committed against that poor innocent child who I love very very much
So no holiday for me  !
I love you Estella with all of my heart  xx