Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One Dead Dog !

After a 17 month battle in which a fabricated warrant of arrest was uncovered my indictment was dismissed . Much of the public has not been made aware of the chain of events prior to my dismissal However, on September 18th 2014 Deputy T Haqq who at the time was employed with the Delaware County Sheriff Department can be seen & heard on a dash camvideo while standing at my front door that the dog barking behind the door is going to be one dead dog !  Well me Peps
  there is one dead dog tonight. I write in great sadness seeing that the one dead dog was my rock that helped me through my 17 months of hell fighting the trumped up charges against me!
Seems someone left the dog on the side of the road at the bottom of my driveway to die making it appear that the dog was run over but we know otherwise !
Please remember it my of took me 17 months to prove my charges were fabricated
 I will assure you it will not take me as long to prove the one dead dog was killed intentionally.
I have stayed silent way too long !