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OK People , I have an update on the motion that was decided  by Judge Lambert on 25 March 15 in  the OSullivan V Bowie civil action . I had posted a copy of the E-Courts summary of the case in my last blog and was puzzled by the entry as it did not say whether or not the motion was granted .
So on Monday I went to the county clerks office to see what was filed on the computer and of course nothing as of yet . So I spoke with the Supreme Court Clerk by the name of Kelly who told me that the decision had not come down from Judges Chambers as of yet seeing that Judge Lambert is out of Otsego County his Secretary usually sends all the filings down on Fridays . So seeing that a couple Fridays have passed since the 25th and nothing had been filed I asked Kelly to make an inquiry for me and she told me that Judge Lambert 's Secretary was not in for today so she would send her an email . I told Kelly not to worry because I would call tomorrow . In the meantime I had asked Kelly  about the entry that I was confused about  she said oh that is our notes  It seems that Mr Frank Miller the seasoned do whatever he wants attorney did not file his notice of appearance NOA and better than that he did not file the original papers . Wow !  Really ? So now we have the courts instructing seasoned attorney's what they need to do . Ok so, It seems that I will not know if or when the originals were filed but I can tell you this . On February 19th 2015 after the motion hearing  where Judge Lambert granted Mr Miller his motion to vacate Bowie/s default judgement's the Delaware County Sheriff Department filed filings on behalf of themselves and Ryan Adams that is completely against the norm  I said how odd but I figured out why this was done  that is  the originals had not been filed  but Judge Lambert proceeded anyway  Look what they did   , below is parts of the filing by Frank Miller on January 26th and blow that are the filings by the Sheriff Department  on February 19th

So it seems that the Delaware County Sheriff filed new originals that was not  in the the filing on Jan 26th   Who does stuff like this ?   

This is happening because no one ever questions why anyone does anything against procedure in Delaware County  but when I bring this to the attention of the court I will be looked upon as a trouble maker !  How Dare you !

This afternoon I called Judge Lambert s office and  Secretary Stacey Johansen answered the phone who was very curt  Seems she had a decision to get typed and I was bothering her . Making statements like Oh my god I just told you   NO I am not going that I don't have time  ! I simply asked her if the decision was granted and around and around I went  . Then she wanted to know what urgency was and I told her that I had a right to know as E courts doesn't state whether or not it was granted  Well you will just have to wait I am  busy  !  Ok so when you call on a Monday no one is there to answer your call but when you call on Tuesday you are  bothering Stacey because she is busy  My mother always said you are as good as your help  and that is the likes of  what Judge Lambert allows to represent his office  Wow ! What a nice professional secretary Stacey is !. One thing I can say about Kelly the Supreme Court Clerk of Delaware  County she is always on the level . 
So now I had a second look at E-Courts  
WebCivil Supreme - Motion Detail
Court:   Delaware Civil Supreme
Index Number:   000911/2014
Case Type:   Other
Track:   Standard
Motion Information:
Relief SoughtSubmit
Signed Date
002  DEF Osc-Vacate Default Judgment  No Decided: 25-MAR-15
SIGNED 1/26/SENT 1/29, FILED 1
Before Justice: LAMBERT 
001  PLAINT Default Answer By Defendant, J  No Open:

Before Justice: LAMBERT 
it seems the caption has been changed !.Wonder why ?   
Stay tuned there will  be more 

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