Saturday, March 21, 2015

Topic to be filed later today Manipulation of Court filings in PA , NY and NC

I am just finishing up a lengthy blog  I plan to post later today  I write about Ryan Adams manipulation of his filings between the courts in Pennsylvania,  New York and North Carolina with attached exhibits .Adams not only makes a mockery out of his lack of a family Care plan but he continues to take matters in to his own hands bringing psychological damage to my grand child .

 Included in that same blog I also write about the coalition  that was formed against Attorney Tatiana Neroni by those who are intertwined with in the courts   As well   I share my thoughts of  why such negative actions taken against her and continue after the fact .  Those who took part where looking out for their own self interest  and not for the interest of what was right ! Especially what was right for my innocent beautiful grand daughter who is suffering from their unethical acts of such vengeance

Stay tuned !

 It's now posted below

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