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Manipulation of the PA , the NC and NY Courts backed by those members of the Coalition !

I sparked someones attention with my last post as of now I had  over  600 views to my blog since Monday 
Just wonder who it might be ? I can only surmise!

Ok ,so back to where I left off...  Of course on Wednesday as per the court order my daughter gets the answering machine when she exercises her phone visitation to speak with my grand daughter Estella . Sadly its been that way since November !

Just like the PA  Judge Barrett said and knew what would happen if he sent Estella to North Carolina to live with her Father To send this child to North Carolina is a death sentence for mother's relationship with the child
Judge Barrett  was the only judge to hear the facts behind this case  Unlike the New York Judges, their staff  as well as  Law Guardians who were so intertwined  that they formed a coalition to attack Attorney Tatiana Neroni at ever step of the way !It did not matter what Attorney Neroni  submitted right ,wrong or indifferent it was denied . Isn't that right Lisa Gordon ?
You choose to discuss your opinion about Tatiana Neroni to not only my daughters council but to my daughter in a conference room when you knew  my daughter was represented which is against procedure  but what would you know about procedure ? No one ever checks on  you , Lisa Gordon because you are a independent contractor to the court . You can do as you please Now tell me that's not true  and I will prove you otherwise !
I believe that your conference with my daughter on July 10th  was after she filed  motion to have both you and the Judge Kushner recused as well as for an emergency relief  because you never prepared an order of summer visitation of my grand daughter . I will cover those issues in another blog  but for now I will get back to my topic.
I try to figure out why there was such a coalition by the courts  to bring such negative actions towards Attorney Neroni no matter what and there are still those who continue to do so even after the fact !Here is my conclusion ,Attorney Tatiana Neroni is Russian  , She speaks with a accent , shoots straight from the hip so at times when people are proven to be wrong especially those in authority who can not accept that they have been proven otherwise Moreover,  my biggest conclusion  is the fact that the majority of those who joined the coalition against Attorney Neroni  are JEWISH and the fact that Tatiana Neroni is Russian  leads me to believe those same  JEWS  hold prejudices against Russians because of acts that were committed committed against the JEWS by the Russians during WW11 !    Its sad to say but true  !  A few months back someone of Jewish faith who held a position of authority slipped up with a statement that has stuck with me.   Tell me I am wrong and I tell you more  !
Anyway  so, as I mentioned in my last blog that Ryan Adams who is a so called Marine lacks a Family Care Plan( FCP) which is mandatory for all members of the military as well as civilians who are part of the military .
I will demonstrate to you how Ryan Adams has manipulated the courts regarding the his lack of a Family Care Plan which contrary to his belief  has all do with a single parent having custody of a child.

As mentioned  previously  that in January of 2012 I applied to Montgomery County Family Court in Pennsylvania as a intervener when it became known to my daughter that Adams was excused from a court appearance because he claimed had to be away for a few weeks due to a training course with the military  Seeing that my daughter had joint custody of my grand daughter Estella  this would lead to the question of  who was left to care for my grand daughter  during that time seeing that no one other than the parents had rights to my grand child . So rather than uproot Estella from school I filed to be an intervener so that I could stay with her perhaps in a local  hotel suite until the father returned  My daughter was a full time student at the time and being that I was free to help I offered .  Plus there also came the issue of the lack of the family care plan . At that time Adams still did not have FCP     At a prior  time my daughter had FOILed  the Military to see if she was listed on Adams family care plan as the mother of Estella  However ,this came after it was discovered that that Ryan's wife Darcie had been listing herself as Estella's mothers. Like I had mentioned before no one would know otherwise because they have the same last name .  Below is the answer to  my daughter  FOIL request   
NO FCP  FOUND ! To know there was no existence of a  FCP even after Adams had two additional children was concerning as well as it  answered  the  question of whether or not my Daughter Alecia was listed as  Estella's mother  . Please keep in mind that it was mandatory then and still is now for a military member to have a FCP in place .

However during the custody trial in Pennsylvania the FCP was put to the side when custody was given back to my daughter .
Moreover, when Adams removed Estella from her school in Albany NY when he claimed he had a order to do so when in fact he did not  All he had was an opinion by a retired Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge who claimed it was his opinion that custody or my grand child  should be reversed by an order to be issued by the lower court   That opinion came after Adams claimed in an appeal he was not given a proper relocation hearing which I will go into further detail of those issues in another blog
However, both my daughter and I filed a Writ of Habeas in Albany County Supreme Court for the return of my grand child claiming that Adams had no legal right to remove my grand child from school on September 12th 2013 as well as he had no legal right remove her from New York  with out a proper order from the lower court as per the opinion that was issued online on September 10th! As well as New York State Department of Education had no policy or procedure  that allowed anyone to release my grand child to the father during school hours as it was considered a civil matter  which the school had no jurisdiction to intervene with a custody matter .
For those Attorneys and staff  who told us we were wrong by filing out Writ of Habeas in Albany Supreme Court need to refresh their knowledge to the law .

Instructions :

Check with your local court or a local family law attorney to determine which court has jurisdiction to hear your writ of habeas corpus. In New York, for example, the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to hear the writ;

So the Writ was filed unfortunately both Staff and the assigned Judge, Michael Lynch  along with his  Law Clerk Amy Joyce were clueless to what the procedure was for a Writ that was filed on behalf a child that was other than your common Writ for a prisoner . Like most who are guided by someone in  accordance to law but when that someone is other then a person with a legal degree  as well as if that someone does not hold a position with in the legal field that sort of guidance is often not taken in a humble manner   As a matter of fact Amy Joyce took great offense and to think that Judge Lynch  who has since been promoted to the Appellate Division had the likes of  Amy Joyce assisting him in his legal work says alot  in my oppinion!. I am just wondering if Lynch continued to have Joyce as his legal assistant in the Appellate Division? If so I feel sorry for those who lives depend on the rulings of the Appellate Division !
 Anyway ,back to Adams  , there came a point in the Writ proceedings where I filed a motion to Renew and Reargue.   However, before I could even serve Adams with my motion somehow he was able to answer that motion with a memorandum of law in opposition . The fact that Adams had access to filings prematurely and was able to answer so quick as well as the court accepting his filings by whatever form he elected to file such as by electronic means was very questionable  Unfortunately  I was not afforded the same opportunity perhaps because I was not a member of the military and I was not allowed to see any of Adams filings until after there was a decision rendered (please note that the below filing was not filed for viewing until 5/5/14 but date stamped on the April 4th as received by the court  )  below somehow Adams was able to  quickly answer my motion  Please note to the fact of what he states about the Family Care Plan I make mention of 

Adams goes on to claim that the Military Family Care Plan has nothing to do with custody He further goes on to state not to mention of how the courts can uphold military regulation  So in essence  Adams is saying yeah its military regulation but this court has no knowledge so therefore they will not do anything   Its exactly what happened ! Because  those who think that because they have a law degree either don't know of what is being said or they don't bother to look into  what was said somehow it doesn't apply  plus it does not matter to them.  Once again Military Law is Federal law and Federal Law supersedes state law  Then again what do I know  after all I don't have a law degree ! Is that right Nancy Stroud Esq ?

Ok so it gets better as soon as Adams feels  the courts might not be ruling in his favor he does like he has always, files in a jurisdiction that doesn't have jurisdiction in hopes of getting an order that might be to his advantage  Like Adams did in July of 2014 after Judge Walsh  a Albany County Family Court Judge who gave an order to my daughter that allowed her to have summer visitation with my grand child  That order came after Albany County  Law Guardian,  Lisa Gordon was ordered to make an order per verbal instruction by Judge Kushner  as well as it just happened to be that Judge Kushner could not be made available to issue her order when Gordon failed to do so  However , it seems that Adams ran a little scared when his team who were also part the coalition didn't accomplish their effort to stop summer visitation   So low and behold Adams files for to relocate in Onslow County NC where jurisdiction had not passed to  * See below 


        Please note that Adams makes no mention of the Family Care Plan  knowing that  its been an issue  in past court proceeding . You have to take into mind that Onslow County  one of the biggest  Marine Bases is located  that being Camp Lejeune which is the base Adams resides  As well as North Carolina Courts have whole section of law that deals with the Military . Adams files his motion to relocate in North Carolina in hopes that motion would not be answered by my daughter seeing that he sent the motion in a large priority envelope among other large filings with exhibits which appeared to be filed intentionally served that way in hopes the file would  go unnoticed  Also bear in mind that Onslow County Courts are very busy he might of just lucked out and get a judge to authorize his relocation with out a blink of an eye !
However Adams keeps reverting back to New York orders as far back as 2008   NY .... NY..... NY .......
and lastly take a look at how Adams ends his request to relocate
Plaintiff seeks that North Carolina will honor the prevision of the Family Court of New York State in that his future relocation's that are an obligation to his career in the US Marine Corp would not warrant a change of circumstances  for courts intervention 
WHAT?????     WOW!   ..... WOW! 
Superior Court of PA issued an opinion in which the court agreed with Adams claim in his appeal that he was denied his petition to relocate under the mandatory provisions of
 23 Pa C.S.A. 5337 asking whether the court erred and abused its discretion. That's exactly what the opinion stated 
So now you got Adams claiming to the North Carolina Court based on what New York claimed after Ryan had already relocated to PA in which the NY  court had  made that ruling to protect him  mind you this came after Becker's decision was modified   So, if that is the case why would there be a need for Adams to file a petition in Pa to relocate and then file an appeal because the Judge denied you custody ?
Look, this is exactly the same pattern of behavior that Adams has had right along but no one take heat to these forms of manipulations. 
When the Appellate Division ruled against Judge Becker's finding her relocates 
Same thing in PA when he feels that the Judge is not on his side he files to relocate but fails to let the court know his position is granted by application and not by obligation 
Then when his team supporters and members of the coalition in Albany let him down failing to block my daughter from obtaining a court order of visitation by Judge Walsh who did the right thing he files for a relocation !  However a relocation for Adams was a very slim possibility !

Now  when there was filing in Delaware County and Adams files an emergency relief as follows

 Please note in Section D Adams completely circumvents the real issue of the Family Care Plan and the fact that he is a single parent is against military regulations which in my previous blog I included links to back my statements that contradicts what Adams claims to this court   Then Adams has the audacity to state that what is of fact that is claimed against him is senseless and outlandish !
Ok so I would like to know how many of the 22 million other Military Members  lack a Family Care Plan , how many are single parents and how many have more dependents allowed under military regulations as wells as how many were allowed to enlist with more than then the military allowed ?
Shall I go on?
As you can see Adams had claimed that Jurisdiction is in North Carolina as per a July 2nd order  However, somehow on July 10th when my daughter was in court for a petitions she had filed seeking a written order of visitation that was ignored by both Gordon and Kushner because Adams refused to honor the oral order in which Judge Walsh  had issued a temporary order  Coincidentally, the order of July 2nd had not been issued nor had the attorney who was representing my daughter at the time in receipt of that order  Nothing like a little undermindedness going on ! To top it all off Judge Jones of Onslow County issued an order of jurisdiction  dated September 30th 2014 after she had a conversation with New York Judge Revoir which I write about in a previous blog.
Plus Adams makes reference to the claim of frustration of visitation stating that Petitioner misrepresents and portrays herself as  a mother who is being denied
 Adams what misrepresentation are being made now ? Especially  when Mother exercises her phone visitation every Sunday and Wednesday  but since November  all she gets the answering machine when she calls  .....  HUH ?
As well as when  Mother tries to exercise her physical visitation with my grand child who is trapped in base housing in which mother  can not obtain access onto Camp lejeune to retrieve my grand child
Plus Mother is threatened by Adams stating that if he finds that my daughter is in North Carolina she will have other issues to deal with!. As well as he threatened her while she tries to arrange physical visitation but phone while in the attorneys office in North Carolina so all could hear his threats ! 
Adams claim of fame is that everything that is flied is" frivolous and sanctions" need to be issued I will  have more on that subject at another time 
I will end for now  and continue at another time
I wake every morning with the thoughts of my grand child . I love her with all my heart  and I will never ever stop fighting for her !

When will all this manipulation be put to rest ?

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