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Court gave "Death Sentence" to mother daughter relationship by awarding custody to Ryan Adams

Once again  tonight my daughter called as per court order for my grand daughter and she got the answering machine . 
For those who don't know us or what has happened and what has been uncovered since July of 2008 when Carl  Becker Delaware County Family Court Judge  awarded Custody of my grand child to her father Ryan Adams I will try to explain in my writings . This poor child has been a victim  of the systems abuse all because  of the dislike of both  Attorney Tatiana Neroni and myself by Judge Becker and disgruntle family members . 
I want to all to know that the NY  Courts has seriously erred through out the course of this custody battle 

First  off  the Father is a so called Marine  Rules are that Marines can not be a "single parent "

Single Parents are not allowed to enlist in the US Military, period. 

Adams was a reservist who got married in February of 2008 after his so called room mate became pregnant . In February of 2009 after an appeal was taken where the appellate division ruled that Becker abused his discretion in awarding the father full custody of my grand child , joint custody was awarded and physical custody stayed with the Father . Adams then applied to become a active duty Marine as a second child was on its way . He enlisted taken a commission of 15 k and relocated to Blue Bell Pa with out permission from the courts. 

 The military limits the number of dependents an applicant can have.  I believe that Adams now has  5 dependents  That being  (1) wife Darcie , 3 Sons Ethan , Evan and Ewan and Single Parent to Estella  which  is more than then military allotment 
At the time of his active duty enlistment Adams already had three dependents  

It is mandatory that all Marines as well as civilians are required to have a updated family care plan  Failure to maintain a family care plan could subject the soldier to separation , administrative action or disciplinary action
 A Family Care Plan is for the purposes of the interests of the Marines dependents in the event that the solider is deployed all is taken care of as well as the intention is to ensure that all dependents under the age of 18 are taken care of in the event of the soldiers death.
So if there is No family Care plan what would happen to my grand child ?  
Judge Michael Lynch does seem to think that matters  !

In 2012 after I filed an action in the Montgomery County family Court as a Intervenor in a Custody proceeding for my Grand Child  The court required that Ryan submit a copy of his family care plan as I had claimed Adams could not have custody for several reasons one being No Family Care Plan 
here is what he submitted to the court 

First I would like to explain that Ryan Adams is a single parent to my grand child Estella  My daughter Alecia, her birth mother still has custody rights   Custody Estella remains with both Parents   ,However military law is federal law which supersedes state law ! So theretofore by law Ryan Adams could not have been given custody of my grand child from the GET GO and still has no legal right have her as of now 

Here is how Adams  and his wife Darice get over on the military  Darcie's last name is Adams and so is Estella's so therefore Darcie puts her name down as Estella's mother and no one knows any difference until they are made of aware of what the issue is . 
Now take a look at the Military Care Plan that Adams submitted to the court  in 2012   Its not vaild but Adams had to hand in something cause he was ordered to do so  Plus there is no mention of Estella among other issues with the so called family care plan 

Now it gets even better !
In September of 2012 Montgomery County Family Court Judge Barrett awarded my daughter full custody of my grand child Estella 
In a 65 page finding of facts after having 13 days of hearings  Judge Barrett stated 

What's amazing to me is the New York judge in 2008 says mom and grandmother repeatedly and systematically interfered with dad's visitation. Dad will refrain from any attempt to interfere with the child's contact with mom. That's what the judge said in his order July 11, 2008. I'm not quoting it verbatim. I find the exact opposite. It's not even close. This child has been damaged by father's behavior and his wife's behavior. There's been a systematic alienation of this child toward her mother. It goes as far as the parties making derogatory comments to the child about mother, and if it wasn't father himself, it was his wife

Judge goes on to state  
THE COURT: This case has been one of the most discouraging cases I've ever encountered as a judge in 13 years with regard to this criteria. To send this child to North Carolina is a death sentence for mother's relationship with the child. I say this because of the following, and this is beyond any doubt in my mind.

   Below Father submits his relocation order after he is mandated to do so   

Please notice that the orders state 
!  Effective 0800 10 September 2012 per the reference you will stand detached from your present station and duties and are directed to proceed and report no later than 2359 10, Oct 2012 to HQ 4th MCD Harrisburg  PA prior service permanent contact site MCB  Camp Lejeune NC 
Adams filed an untimely appeal in which superior court of PA gave back custody to for failure to comply with mandatory provisions of 23 Pa CSA 5337  which he claims was a denial of his relocation petition  

Superior court ruled in the case of AB Vs RA  No. 2949 EDA 2012

"Therefore, we are constrained to conclude that the trial court abused its discretion in denying Father’s petition to relocate and instead granting Mother’s petition for modification of custody."

Guess what ?   Prior Service Recruiter  is appointed by application not by so called military  reassignment orders
Adams elected to take his position as a Prior Service Recruiter , What he did was he applied for the position during the custody proceedings in PA  . Upon application which it is my understanding that  for a marine to apply of this position they must not have any history of domestic issues nor can they be going through and kind of family court issues such as divorce or custody battles . Adams had both at the time of application . After such application is approved the soldier must complete a course which in the summer 2012  Adams was sent to California for his training  . Upon completion only then are the options open to know where there are assignment availability  Adams choose to be assigned on the camp lejeune base

As you can see Adams is based out of Harrisburg PA and assigned to camp lejeune . Therefore not only did Adams mislead judge Barrett but he mislead the Superior Court as well . 

Judge Barrett is under the impression that    If he doesn't relocate, he can't be in the military.  NOT TRUE  

98 miles from Blue Bell Pa to Harrisburg Pa . Not only is it in driving distance but it was by choice not by mandatory military orders  Would you consider this to be a denial of a relocation petition with the factors that have been presented? I think Adams needs to be relocated right out of the Military !

PSR Camp Lejeune NC

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO

So it seems according to Facebook Adams is with a Non Governmental Organization which leads one to believe he holds civilian position 

I will leave you all with this for now and continue soon 
The New York Courts have sided with Ryan Adams and his wife Darcie allowing the continued abuse founded by Judge Barrett of Montgomery County Pa 
NO one has bothered to take in to account the best interest of the child all the system can think about is their vengeance towards my daughter , myself and Tatiana Neroni . How is that outside of New York State where there is no intertwined influence the ruling have been in our favor ?
When you have the likes of law guardian Lisa Gordon  of Albany County who was found to have not done her Job and has never interviewed the child but has made a decision to rule against the mother on the bases of her dislike for Tatiana Neroni and myself when she has never even met me such people should be removed from their position from the court   There is more to come with the dealing with Gordon 

This is a clear case of New York System Abuse at is greatest extend !

Where is my grand child and how is that the courts have allowed such abuse of process by the father and allowed him to continue to bring such harm to  not only my grand child but to the extended family as well ?

I love you Estella Bella    I will never ever let you go!  


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