Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mr Marine has Mother -in -law listed for his emergency contact in relocation orders !

So its going on almost a year now since neither my daughter or I have seen my grand daughter !
Her father  Mr Marine who has taken matters into his own hands by once again cutting off all communication  However,  Mr Marine has filed filed many many petitions in multiple jurisdictions apparently over a year go one of his many filings in a NC court was relocate Moreover, it seems just before the school year was to end suddenly his so called orders came through but whats even better was  that the court held a hearing where only Mr Marine was present and he was given permission to relocate with no relocation orders!  Now after the fact the orders has been presented and for some reason those orders give Mr Marine a couple days to report to his non commissioned duty station in Ohio and his Mother -In -law  is listed as his emergency contact !   Wow! So lets try to analysis this,  some one that Mr Marine claims as his mother in law which is a complete stranger to my daughter will be contacted if Mr Marine has an emergency . What ? So there are two questions  to be asked here Where is my grand child and why isn't my daughter listed as emergency contact  as well in case something happens to Mr Marine  and not just some stranger ? After all my daughter is the mother of her child who has full rights to her child  which, only confirms that Mr Marine does not either have a  valid family care plan as mandated under military law that would have my daughters information listed or he has failed to inform his command of my grand child's mothers information .
This Marine has gone beyond !
Of course now after the fact a Post office Box is sent as my grand child's address and the phone number that is given goes right to voice mail  !    NICE !!      
Nah there is no contempt what so ever  !  

Keep the peps there more to come !

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