Friday, July 17, 2015

No idea the whereabouts of my Grand Child &Father Marine Recruiter - THX Kushner !

As I am sure you are all aware of the massacre of the 4 recruiting marines in Tennessee , My daughter and I have been battling the family courts for a long time Back in 2008 a Family Court Judge by the Name of Carl F Becker gave custody of my grand daughter  to her father with out doing a background checks , at the time father was a Marine reservist. Last we knew father had a recruiting position in NC !Almost a year has gone by and neither my daughter or I have been able know the where a bouts of my grand daughter.   All communication ceased after the Marines new wife got caught on camera stealing   It seems that he was able to relocate by a NC Court with out notice to my daughter as well submission of his relocation orders so,for all we know the father might be among those four marines !
 For years I have tired make the courts aware that a single parent marine can not have custody and there must be a family care plan in place for his dependents . Those issues have been completely over looked and I was considered to a throne in the side of the courts . Simply because I was right and it reflexes badly on those who failed to do their jobs properly .
In 2013 a Montgomery County PA Judge by the name of Stephen Barrett gave my daughter back full custody and  his findings of facts were the opposite to the NY findings , However there was an appeal in PA which  father was awarded back custody on a technical error With out our knowledge father removed child from a Albany School which was a against NY Dept of Ed policy , Case was put in front of Sue Kushner as you know her husband represents NY teachers union NYSTU  besides that conflict which was later  found out she has multiple friends on FB that that were involved in the family court case . However all that the father did was over looked by  no only Sue Kushner but people like lisa Gordon and Nancy Stroud  Moreover Judge Walsh did the right thing and gave a order according to what was  my daughters right was to her child So now we wait to see if  the father is among those Marines and pray that my grand daughter is safe !

Stay tuned I will go into more  detail in a future posting

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